Petzl Safety Helmets -The safety is in the detail

Whether you’re a recreational rock climber or a professional lineman, safety helmets are an important part of your safety gear—right alongside your safety harness, boots, and eye and ear protection.

Petzl is one of the leading climbing and rope access brands, and their hard hat selection is top-notch. At MTN Shop, we sell Petzl’s well-made safety helmets which boast some amazing safety features.

Petzl Safety Helmets: Why we recommend them 

Our selection of Petzl helmets each offer different safety features to serve the work you perform in your field. The ALVEO BEST, VERTEX BEST and VERTEX BEST (CSA) helmets are lightweight and unventilated to protect against molten metal splashes and electrical hazards, with the option to attach a headlamp when needed. The VERTEX BEST and VERTEX BEST (CSA) are also compatible with VIZIR, VIZIR SHADOW or VIZEN protective shield, and hearing protection attachments.

Petzl’s PANGA helmet features three removable components (shell, liner, and harness/headband) so you can replace parts as needed rather than the entire helmet. For the convenience of group and club use, we carry these in packs of four.

With ventilation holes and sliding shutters for additional ventilation, the VERTEX VENT is a great safety helmet for those working at height. With this helmet, you are able to accessorize with headlamps, hearing protection, VIZIR, VIZIR SHADOW, or VIZEN protective shield to suit your day-to-day use.

If you’re working at height or in rescue, the VERTEX BEST DUO LED is the helmet for you. Featuring an unventilated shell, this hard hat also features a waterproof hybrid light source of halogen and LED lights so that you won’t be left in the dark.

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Petzl Headlamps

In addition to your safety helmet, you may want to consider Petzl’s headlamps.

The ACTIK CORE headlamp and ACTIK Petzl headlamp are rechargeable with a standard USB port and alternative compatibility with standard batteries. They also feature safety whistles and a reflective headband.

The DUO LED 5 runs on AA/LR6 batteries or with optional ACCU DUO rechargeable batteries and boasts two light sources: a halogen bulb and 5 LEDs. The lighter Petzl E+LITE headlamp is a great option to always carry with you wherever you go. Weighing just 26 grams, this is a great addition to your emergency kit or as a backup headlamp—it can be stored with its batteries for up to 10 years. 

Petzl’s PIXA headlamps all feature constant lighting technology so that the light’s brightness doesn’t decrease as the batteries drain. These are available in different configurations to meet your work certification requirements and conditions.

The STRIX IR and STRIX VL provide both white and colored (red, green, or blue) lighting, while the IR also features infrared lighting. They also feature constant lighting capabilities and are compatible with lithium battery.

These are just a few of the headlamps and helmets we offer from the Petzl brand. For a full list and more info on each, shop online at!