Rope access remains the safest and most versatile, efficient, and cost-effective means to solve a variety of vertical access problems. Whether you’re trying to reach high angles and difficult places for routine maintenance, repairs, or restoration, rope access is a superior process with high safety standards. Of course, as with anything, the safety and efficiency of rope access in the vertical world is only as good as the quality of the verticality products and the professionals using them.

We hand-select our rope access product offerings to meet thevariousneeds found in the real world. No matter what it is you are doing up there, necessary rope access equipment is required across all fields of vertical access.

From repairing wind turbines and structural damage to inspecting roller coasters and cleaning high-rise windows, the right tools are essential. Never put matters of life and death to chance: invest in reliable gear to go along with your wealth of knowledge and fearless attitude. At MTN Shop, you will find all the typicalequipment you need to get the job done professionally and safely.

Professional Rope Access

Here you can find everything you need as a rope access technician. We carry a variety of climbing helmetsrope access harnesses, gloves, rope, and additional hardware and supplies from the most trustworthy brands in the industry, including KASK, Kong, Petzl, PMI, and 3m. Whether you’re looking to replace or upgrade individual pieces in your gear bag or are lookingfor a brand-new kit to get started, we can help.

Vertical access technicians are some of the most adaptable, versatile people on the planet requiring gear that performs on an equal level. When the end goal is to access an otherwise inaccessible place, your industrial rope access gear must help you get there and not hinder you.


Recreational Climbing

Those of us who ascend great heights for recreation or sport require equipment with the same level of quality, care, and safety standards as the professionals. So, while a majority of our products are specially manufactured with the professional rope access technician in mind, they work just as well for sport climbing and recreation.

Check out our inventory of climbing hardware, rope, ascenders, descenders, connectors, and other rope access essentials before your next thrill. When only the best will do, don’t leave your gear up to chance. Take your sport climbing, mountaineering, and belaying to the professional level with the help of MTN Shop.


International Customers proudly services the United States, Canada, and Mexico. If you need your gear delivered anywhere in Europe, Australia, Asia or Northern Africa, visit MTN Shop EU, our international shop.

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