Petzl Lanyards: Fall Protection Equipment to Make Your Job Better

If you’re looking for the best in fall protection equipment, you’ve come to the right place. At MTN Shop, we offer a variety of top-of-the-line Petzl fall protection products to help make your job safer.

With decades of experience s in the business and on the market, Petzl has earned the trust as an industry leader. You know you’re getting the best equipment when you see their logo on a product. Their fall protection gear covers a wide variety of uses and needs.

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Choose from a variety of gear that are designed to be used alone or paired with other Petzl products. For example, the Petzl’s Absorbica Energy Absorbing Lanyard is a tear-webbing energy absorber designed for use in combination with a Petzl Jane Lanyard to make an energy-absorbing lanyard.

The Petzl Progress line includes the Petzl Progress Adjust I Lanyard, a single adjustable progression lanyard that can be used with another lanyard, while the Petzl Progress Adjust Lanyard is a double adjustable progression lanyard. Both enable continuous connection for all types of progression. These are easily adjusted and easy to clip. The Petzl Progress Lanyard allows continuous connection during rope ascents and is also designed for easy clipping.

The Petzl ASAP 'Sorber Mobile Fall Arrester connects to the ASAP or ASAP LOCK mobile fall arrester to allow the user to work at a distance from the rope while the Petzl Grillon Lanyard is the perfect complement to a fall-arrest system with an adjustable lanyard. It can be used in single or double mode.

Meet U.S., European, and Russian Standards

If you’re looking for systems that are certified for U.S. and European standards, the Petzl Absorbica I Energy Absorbing Lanyard and Petzl Absorbica Y Energy Absorbing Lanyard (MGO) are great options! The Petzl Absorbica I is a single lanyard designed for protection on a horizontal lifeline or on elevated platform. Additionally, the Petzl Absorbica Y features a captive carabiner and two MGO large-opening connectors and is available, without connectors, in 80 or 150 cm versions. An integrated compact energy absorber means you have continuous protection when passing intermediate anchors.


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In addition, the Petzl Absorbica Y Energy Absorbing Lanyard With Tie-Back (MGO) is certified to U.S., European, and Russian standards. This double lanyard features intermediate tie-back rings and compact energy absorber. It is designed for continuous protection on very large structures and when passing intermediate anchor points.

If you need upright descent in confined spaces, the Petzl Lift Spacer spreader for the European Newton safety harness is for you.

Tree care lanyards and replacement ropes

When working in tree care, fall protection is important, and the right equipment will help keep you safe so you can focus on the job. We offer the Petzl Microflip Lanyard, a reinforced adjustable lanyard designed for positioning in tree care work, and the Petzl Zillon Lanyard allows for work done easily with only one hand, even when loaded, and can be used in either single or double mode. Both are yellow for visibility.

Over time, your equipment wears and replacing parts is key to ensuring everything continues working properly. If you’re looking for replacement ropes, we offer the Petzl Replacement Rope For Grillon Lanyards for Petzl Grillon and Grillon Hook lanyards, the Petzl Replacement Rope For Microflip Lanyards for Petzl Microflip lanyards are available in 2.5, 4, and 5.5 meter lengths, and the Petzl Replacement Rope For Zillon Lanyards for Petzl Zillon lanyards are available in 2.5, 4, and 5.5 meter lengths.

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