Petzl Industrial Harnesses Won’t Leave You Hanging on the Job

When working at height, you are doing much more than simply hanging out. This is why you need equipment that can stand the test of time and the rigors of industrial and rope access work. Fortunately, Petzl harnesses are a comfortable, easy-to-use solution that are suitable for such hazardous work conditions. Would you settle for anything less than the standard for safety and efficiency?

At MTN Shop, we carry a full range of Petzl products because they are one of the world's most renowned brands for climbing and rope access products. They offer some of the most comfortable and efficient harnesses you will find, regardless of your industry. You can learn more about Petzl safety gear here

Industrial Harnesses for All Your Vertical Needs

As always, it’s important to choose a harness that best fits your working needs. Here you will find our offerings of Petzl harnesses and the types of work to which they are best suited.

Fall Arrest Harnesses

These harnesses have a simple, lightweight design that allows for the attachment of either an Absorbica energy-absorbing lanyard or ASAP mobile fall arrester. These full body harnesses are specifically designed for fall protection. The Newton lines of fall protection harnesses have a form-fitting, anatomical design that offers incredible freedom of movement.

The Newton Full Body Harness is easy to use with the help of a color coding system, while the Newton Easyfit Full Body Harness is incredibly quick to put on because it has an integrated vest and automatic buckles.

For those looking for high visibility, the Newton Easyfit Hi-Viz Full Body Harness has an integrated fluorescent vest with retroreflective strips.

Fall Arrest & Work Positioning

These harnesses provide fall protection and enable the worker to position his or herself at the workstation. Besides being intentionally comfortable and easy to put on, these work positioning harnesses are specifically designed to facilitate vertical progression on rail or cable-based fall protection systems.

The VOLT LT full body harness is designed for tower and antenna work. They have rear equipment loops to easily organize tools. 

Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, & Suspension

The AVAO line of harnesses are used for fall protection, for positioning at the work station, and especially for working comfortably in suspension. This line includes full body harnesses as well as seat harnesses.

The AVAO Bod and AVAO bod fast harnesses are comfortable and ergonomic to ensure maximum comfort during prolonged suspension.

The AVAO Sit and AVAO Sit Fast seat harnesses are lightweight options to be used with a separate chest harness. A seat harness is good for hard-to-fit body types who don’t require a dorsal attachment.

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Rope Access

These AVAO harnesses are comfortable to wear and are equipped with an integrated ventral rope clamp to facilitate ascending a rope. These rope access harnesses can be used for fall protection, positioning at work station, and to facilitate rope ascents comfortably.

The AVAO BOD CROLL Fast full body harness has an integrated CROLL S ventral rope clamp and is designed for greater comfort during rope ascents. Its specific construction allows the user to hang from the dorsal attachment point for a longer time in case of a fall.

The TOP CROLL chest harness integrates a CROLL ventral rope clamp to transform a variety of harnesses into rope access harnesses.

Tree Care

These harnesses are designed specifically with arborists in mind. Not only do they provide the maximum level or comfort, but they also ensure great mobility, excellent lumbar support, and offer customization for accessories.

Petzl arborist harnesses are available in two options: the Sequoia tree care seat harness for single ropes and the Sequoia SRT seat harness for double ropes. The Sequoia Shoulder Strap can be used with the Sequoia SRT seat harness to take the load from the waist belt and redistribute it to the shoulders for improved comfort.

Rescue Harnesses

These lightweight rescue harnesses are lightweight, comfortable, and simple to use. This makes them suitable for various rescue environments. Petzl’s line of Falcon harnesses allow for adaptation to the different types of environments that can be encountered out in the field.

The Falcon Rescue harness is a lightweight seat harness with a metal ventral attachment point to distribute the load between the waist belt and the leg loops, making it perfect for suspended rescue. The Falcon Ascent is ideal for rescue operations involving rope ascent. It features a two-part ventral attachment point that fastens with an OMNI carabiner. A TOP CROLL chest harness can be attached to the rear buckle.

The Falcon Mountain is an incredibly lightweight seat harness for rescue operations involving technical climbing. It has a bridge construction that favors progression with climbing techniques and makes it comfortable when walking.

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