From Forestry to Sport Climbing, Petzl Provides Protection You Need

Petzl is a global leader in manufacturing gear for working at heights, both professional and for sport. They are one of the world’s most renowned brands when it comes to safe climbing and rope access products. From the AVAO BOD  harness and the VERTEX VENT helmet, to the PIXA 2 headlamp and more, MTN Shop stocks a wide range of Petzl gear to take your talents to the next level.

Safety lies at the root of every industry. So, whether you’re looking for a forestry helmet, full body harness, or climbing gear, rest a little easier knowing that MTN puts safety first which is why we only offer the products we trust.

Professional Rope Access

Rope access technicians do some of their best work in seemingly unreachable place. How do you reach the impossible? With the best gear designed with rope access professionals in mind. Petzl harnesses Avao Bod Full Body Harness keep you comfortable during prolonged suspension with their X-shaped dorsal construction. The Avao Bod fast Safety Harness saves you time with its fast buckles that allow for opening and fastening without the need to readjust each time. The Avao Bod Croll Fast Harness has an integrated CROLL ventral rope clamp for ascending ropes.

When it comes to protecting your head at height, Petzl sets the standard. The Vertex Best helmet has an unventilated shell which protects against electrical hazards and molten metal splash. The Vertex Best Duo LED 14 gives you premium protection with the added benefit of a hands-free, waterproof light source. When you need ventilation, the Vertex Vent has ventilation holes with sliding shutters that can be adjusted as needed.


Professionals in the forestry industry need equipment as dedicated as they are. We stand behind Petzl because forestry and logging professionals can rely on their gear day in and day out. Full body safety starts with the right harness. In addition to their line of Avao full body harnesses, Petzl also offers an Avao Sit Seat Harness and Avao Sit Fast Seat Harness with fast buckles. The Newton Full Body Harness is a comfortable, easy-to-use harness with ergonomic stowage of MGO connectors and fall indicators. The Newton Easyfit Full Body Harness has fast automatic buckles that allow the harness to be donned with both feet on the ground.    

For tree care professionals, the Sequoia Tree Care Seat Harness is specifically designed for the arborist’s comfort for doubled rope ascent techniques. The Sequoia SRT Tree Care Seat Harness is for ascents on a single rope.

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The Petzl Alveo Best Helmet is a very lightweight helmet for workers at height. Headlamps, protective shields, and hearing protection can all be attached to this hard hat. Petzl’s Vizen, Vizir, and Vizir Shadow can easily be installed on Vertex and Alveo helmets. 

Live Event Production

Whether you’re ascending trees or scaffolding, fall protection in imperative to staying safe while working at height. Petzl harnesses and helmets are step one to safety. Besides these important tools, we also carry other Petzl gear to make your job easier—and therefore safer. Petzl Cordex and Cordex Plus gloves offer extra protection without sacrificing dexterity. The Kano Tactical Tool Belt can keep your tools handy while you work at heights.

If you’re working in the dark, Petzl has a variety of headlamps to fit your individual needs, including the ultra-compact, hybrid Zipka headlamp, the military-strength Strix IR headlamp, and the intelligent Reactik headlamp with reactive technology. At MTN Shop, we also carry Petzl rechargeable batteries so you can always see your work.

Industrial Safety

Whether you’re climbing trees, building a stage, repairing a bridge, or something in between, it’s important to remain safe. When visibility is a concern, the Newton Easyfit Hi-Viz Full Body Harness makes the wearer highly visible without sacrificing freedom of movement. The Volt Wind LT Full Body harness is ideal for those working on wind turbine towers. For rescue work, the Bermude Rescue Harness and Pitagor Rescue Harness are evacuation triangles that easily adjust to adapt to victims.

Recreational Climbing

Those of us who ascend great heights for recreation or sport require equipment with the same level of quality safety standards as the professionals. While many of our Petzl products are specially manufactured with the professional rope access technician in mind, they work just as well for sport climbing and recreation.

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