Industrial Safety

When it comes to working in industrial environments, safety must be top priority. To ensure the safest working conditions possible, you must utilize top-quality safety gear that works with you on the job.

Our philosophy is to be prepared for anything. Whether you’re climbing trees, building a stage, repairing a bridge, or something in-between, we’ve got you covered—from your head to your feet. Our gear will work with you through the day and help prevent accidents or serious injury should the need arise. Climb higher and work harder with our industrial safety equipment.

No two jobsites are the same and various conditions and environments demand different equipment. That’s why at MTN Shop, we consider all safety measures across a number of industries. Here, you will only find safety gear with appropriate compliance codes that meet industry standards.


When you’re hard at work, you need a boot built to take on your environment. That doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable, too. Stay at ease all shift long with our selection of top-rated, premium leather work boots.


Eye & Ear Protection

Protecting your eyes and ears from damage is also vitally important to maintaining safe work conditions. Depending on your work, you may need to integrate eye and face protection into your safety needs. Visors, including full-face visors, are available to protect your eyesight from potential debris and damage.

Many industrial occupations pose risks from the elements and heavy machinery. Industrial safety equipment is a must in these harsh environments. Loud sounds produced by such equipment can damage ears over extended periods of time. Protect your ears in compliance with OSHA and NIOSH with our selection of top-brand ear protectors and ear muff accessories.


Hard Hats

Helmets primarily protect your head against falling debris and are mandatory in industrial applications, including construction sites and rope access. All our helmets, from top-rated brands such as KASK, Petzl, PMI, Kiwi, and Kong, meet industry standards for impact protection. Many of our helmets offer different features such as accessory support, but they all offer reliable, life-saving protection.


Hi-Viz Apparel

Due to Health and Safety regulations, certain industries may require high-visibility clothing. Hi-vis clothing plays a major role in maintaining safety and preventing accidents in busy environments. We carry hi-vis options for helmets, harnesses, and vests.