• Prolyte- H30V Verto Truss Trade Show Booth Package (3 Towers)
  • Prolyte- H30V Verto Truss Trade Show Booth Package (3 Towers)

MTN Trade Show Truss Booth Package- Corner Booth (3-Tower Structure)

Product No. PR-3-TWR

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Product details

MTN Trade Show Booth Covers Everything You Need

MTN Trade Show Booth - Exclusively designed by our in-house product engineers and designers who exactly know what we need when it comes to trade show booth setup. With over 40 years of experience in the industry and unmatched booth setup expertise, you can't go wrong with our trade show truss booth.

This 3-tower booth structure is commonly called corner trade show booth, usually found at the end of a row of linear inline booths. A corner display is open to traffic on two separate, perpendicular sides, allowing visitors to enter your space from a much wider opening. The 3-tower truss booth designed by the MTN crew has been widely used at many different shows globally because it is purpose-built with a number of great features designed for a trade show. See more details in the 'Features & Benefits' Section.

Featuring Prolyte Verto Truss - Fast, Silent and Safe

Our booth package features Prolyte Verto Truss which is a new revolutionary system launched by Prolyte Group in April of 2016, making truss connection fast, silent and safe. This truss system is an ideal solution to fabricating attractive and cost-effective booths and structures for your trade shows, events, and exhibitions to support banners and heavy items. Its optimum strength and flexible application possibilities quickly make it well-loved and much used, taking your booth display to the next level. Please read our Polyte Truss blog to see more case studies.

  • FAST: The Verto truss can be assembled by a simple rotating locking system, securing the truss in seconds, without the need for tools.
    Tested general assembly times are up to 5 times faster than those for the truss with conical coupling systems and 10 times faster than any bolted truss.

    Prolyte Verto Truss

  • SILENT & SAFE: Because of the tool-less connection, the assembly is almost completely silent, thereby greatly adding to safety on the work floor. It is especially beneficial to the technicians who have to work with truss assembly and disassembly every day.

DimensionsFull Loading Table - Patents - TUV Certificate

    Features and Benefits:

    Open on 2 sides, MTN 3-Tower Trade Show Truss Booth stands out from the crowd of inline booths with a number of great advantages:
    • Wide-opening structure:
      - allow visitors to view the entire booth
      - capture more visitors
      - create more business opportunities because a corner booth is at an intersection where more foot traffic is observed
    • Simple design without additional structures: keep the booth lightweight and easy to assemble/disassemble
    • Very sturdy truss booth structure: secure your lighting & sound equipment, camera, digital signs, and more 
    • Incredibly Fast, Silent and Safe due to Prolyte Verto System
      - FAST: 
      Up to 5 times faster than those with conical coupling systems and 10 times faster than any bolted truss.
      SILENT & SAFE: The assembly and disassembly are almost completely silent, thereby greatly adding to safety on the work floor. 
    • Universal: applicable to all different types of shows
    • We've got you covered: This trade show kit includes everything needed to build your 3-tower booth.
      - (5) 8' H30 Square Truss
      - (1) Box Corner 3-Way
      - (2) Box Corner 2-Way
      - (3) Base Plate
      - All the connectors/couplers required for the 3-tower booth are included in the package.
    We also supply 4-tower and 5-tower booth packages.
    For more benefits about the Prolyte Verto Truss used in our Truss Booth package, please visit the product page.


    If you need a custom-designed and built trade show booth, please contact us at Phone: (570) 985-5967, or Email: shopmtn@mountainproductions.com

    Prolyte Verto Truss Product Demo 

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