Prolyte’s Verto Truss is the Design Revolution We Need

When you’re looking to build something as imperative as a structure, you want something reliable, something you know works. But sometimes, something better comes along. Something that completely revolutionizes the way you build —saving you 75% build time. When that happens, what do you do?

We know truss systems are important. They provide the load-bearing support for stage components, such as lighting, as well as weather protection. They are the backbone to tens of thousands of performances annually around the globe. So, here’s the predicament: when you have something that works and has worked for the past twenty-five years, how do you improve on it?

This is how: Prolyte’s Verto Truss.

This revolutionary truss system is completely changing the industry with a simple twist of the hand.

Previous Design vs New Verto Truss

Prolyte’s Verto truss is similar to existing systems, but has several advantages that make build time far easier and quicker. Both designs utilize a similar, two-male coupler; however, that’s where the similarities of the coupler system end. And that’s what is so revolutionary: where traditional systems also require bolts, pins, nuts, hammers, and/or wrenches, the Verto coupler system is completely tool-less. All you need is your coupler and your hand and you are good to go.  

Tool-less Construction in a Fraction of the Time

To connect two sections of truss, simply insert the conical coupler and turn the coupler system 180°—it’s as easy as that. With a flick of your wrist, you can manage this in about one second per connection, compared to four seconds per connection the traditional conical system requires. And in this business, every second counts. Overall, you can be looking at saving 75% build time.  


Worried about missed connections? The rotating coupler system has a red area safety feature which indicates when the coupler is open. Additionally, an incorporated blue cover prevents dirt from getting in the system and makes closing the coupler without a connector impossible.

When Time is of the Essence

We put this system to the test with the ultimate time crunch. 

Currently, pin truss and spigot truss systems are standard in the United States. Since we wanted to use the Verto truss at a tradeshow in the U.S., we needed to ship it from Europe to our headquarters in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, United States. From there, we needed to transport it Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

[Visit Prolyte's YouTube channel for demonstration and comparison videos.]

Normally, this would be a simple task: load it up and go. Unfortunately for us, it was at this time when the East Coast was being ravaged by two massive snowstorms. At the mercy of the weather and against all odds, the ease of assembly ensured we got it done in time and faster than would have been possible with traditional truss systems.

Mountain Productions' Rigging Product Expert, Keith Ellis, got to experience the benefits of Prolyte truss firsthand. Under the aforementioned time constraints, wouldn't have been able to pull off Mountain's seamless tradeshow design without the use of Prolyte Verto Truss.

(Above) Ellis built this booth for USITT using the revolutionary Verto Truss from Prolyte. 

"The Prolyte truss was a pleasure to work with," explained Ellis. "Even with two guys to build our structure, one of which who has never built this structure before, the set-up and break-down took a quarter of the time compared to the standard bolt-together plated truss."

Ellis found that the Prolyte truss saved time without sacrificing quality.

"The Prolyte truss was lighter than the plated, bolt-together truss we were used to," said Ellis. "The connection points went together seamlessly, with nothing more than a twist of the coupler, which makes builds easier for the novice rigger. The true sign of a good product, though, was that the Prolyte truss still delivered the integrity we needed in a much easier to manage the process."

(Above) Prolyte's Verto Truss used at the 2018 Prolight + Sound Expo for an unbeatable set-up.

Because the overall weight of Prolyte's Verto Truss is also significantly lighter than competitors, drayage was much less expensive when bringing the goods to both trade shows, without sacrificing the structural integrity.

In this day and age, time matters and the faster, the better. This is especially true when production teams are getting less time in and less time out for assembly and disassembly. At MTN SHOP, we lately added trade show booth packages including 3-tower, 4-tower, and 5-tower ones. Each of them includes every component required to build your chosen truss booth.

No matter the circumstance, we trust Prolyte’s Verto truss for its tool-less efficiency. It is also available at MTN SHOP. EU. Check the Prolyte Truss Collection now.