Essential Material Handling Safety Tips, No Matter the Weather

No matter the season, safety in the workplace is of the utmost importance. OSHA’s workplace safety standards help to ensure that you’re operating equipment correctly in any situation. When you’re working with extremely heavy products, this equipment helps you do the job correctly and safely.

Whether it’s raining, snowing, or humid, material handling equipment, when used properly, can really help take a load off. The importance of industrial material handling equipment on the job cannot be stressed enough—it helps employees do their job, when cared for and used properly.

Importance of material handling

For workplace safety, material handling equipment is—sometimes literally—a life-saver. Certain items, such as steel beams and plates, are simply too heavy to move manually, and weather makes things even more difficult. This is where industrial material handling equipment comes into play.

Camlock Lifting Clamps  Camlok’s LJ Gentle Grip Clamp


Clamps make lifting and moving beams both easier and safer. Camlock Lifting Clamps are a great option for the workplace. Consider using the Camlok’s LJ Gentle Grip Clamp, which can lift and turn structural steel plates made from aluminum, iron, and steel.

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When it comes to hoists, we offer a variety of brands and options at the MTN Shop. From the compact Coffing JLC Electric Chain Hoist to the CM Next Gen Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist - 1 Ton, our selection of hoists will help you lift and move equipment in any weather conditions.



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Protect material handling equipment from the elements

According to OSHA, “the improper handling and storing of materials often result in costly injuries.” Extreme temperatures can be harsh on your equipment. Always be sure to properly store and protect your equipment when it isn’t in use.

To avoid the effects extreme temperatures and weather environments have on metal, you can invest in coatings and finishes for protect your equipment from the elements. The coatings can help prevent corrosion and abrasion so you can worry less and focus more on the task at hand.

Regarding protecting and extending the longevity of your industrial material handling equipment, follow these tips and always be sure to follow your owner’s manual.

Taking care of yourself in the workplace- safety first!

Working both outdoors and indoors, extreme heat and extreme cold can detrimentally affect your operation of industrial material handling equipment.



Know the warning signs. Heat can cause symptoms including exhaustion and heat stroke, while the cold can cause frostbite, hypothermia, and more. Always be sure to dress properly for the environment you’re working in, including proper shoes, pants, gloves, and headgear to keep you warm/cool and safe.

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