Camlok™ LJ Gentle Grip Clamp

Product No. LJ500

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You can’t afford to damage or mark your materials when working with them in the plant. The Camlok LJ Gentle Grip Clamp is used to lift and turn all structural steel plates (stainless steel, iron, and aluminum) without leaving any marks or damages in the surface. Camlok’s below-the-hook attachments are designed with your investment in mind. 

  • Designed to lift thin-gauge steel plates, stainless steel, iron, timber, and aluminum without marring or damaging the surface
  • Lifts plates from the horizontal to vertical position and vice versa through 180º
  • The performance on the leather jaws is not affected by standing water so the clamp can be used with submerged plasma cutting machines
  • The LJ clamp is suitable for surface hardness greater than 300 Brinell (32HRc)
  • Minimum load will not affect the LJ clamps as they do not have teeth for bite. However some load is required to combat friction in the clamp. Extra care must be taken when lifting plates in the lower 20% of their rated capacity. Thin plates are best lifted with the fixed jaw on top when performing a horizontal to vertical lift.
  • The clamp may not be suitable for lifting highly polished plates where the polish process may leave lubricating compounds
  • Design factor 4:1
Product Code Dimensions (in) Weight (lbs)
LJ500 5 7.874 2.165 2.047 2.717 2.992 7.7
LJ1500 8.465 13.583 3.346 2.953 5.315 4.646 26.5
* Refer to product drawing above


Product Code Working Load Limit Jaw Capacity (in)
Minimum (lbs) Maximum (lbs)
LJ500 60 1,100 0 to 3/8
LJ1500 400 3,300 0 to 3/4

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