Camlok Clamps Make Material Handling Easier

With over 60 years of experience, Camlok (part of Columbus McKinnon Corporation) is the established industry go-to for beam and lifting clamps. Their innovative method of using a cam and jaw mechanism to secure steel plates in a safe manner completely revolutionized the industry.

Designed and manufactured in the U.K., their beam clamps are used around the world at factories, construction sites, ports and docks, repair and service factories, and more. All Camlok products are designed for easy repair and part replacement.

We’re proud to carry Camlok’s material handling equipment, as they select their vendors carefully and ensure that those who sell their products can provide advice, training, and parts/after-sales services. Like us, they work hard to ensure that you get the most out of their products, putting customers first.

We offer a great selection of beam clamps and more to suit all of your workplace needs.

Camlok Lifting Clamps 

The demand for lifting clamps came about with the general industry need to move steel plates vertically and/or horizontally. It has since grown to assist in lifting just about anything at any worksite.

At, you can find a variety of Camlok’s lifting clamps including girders, clamps, and lugs.

Girder clamps 

Camlok Lifting Clamps - Girder ClampCamlok Lifting Clamps - Girder Clamp


Girder clamps attach to beams lift items vertically, and we offer three great Camlok clamp options for attachment to girders. These are designed to lift beams or sheets of metal in the horizontal position:

The Camlock TTR Girder Clamp and TTG Horizontal Girder Clamps are designed to lift and transport structural steel beams in the horizontal position. If you’re lifting short beams, you can use a single clamp, but you should use 2 clamps with a spreader beam when lifting longer beams.

CM’s Camlok CG Girder Turning Clamps are designed to be used on structural steel plates but not for stainless steel, lead, or copper. Locking quickly to the plate, these can be used by a single operator to lift horizontal, single sheet steel plates. These clamps feature a cam-operated locking mechanism that securely locks the clamp onto the horizontally positioned plate.

Get a grip with grip clamps 

The Camlok HGC Hand Grip Clamp is ideal for workshop environments and can manually lift, carry, or pull just about anything you can fit into its jaws. However, it should not be used for steel over 300 Brinell, stainless steel, lead, copper and materials over 120ºC/ 250ºF surface temperature.

Camlok’s LJ Gentle Grip Clamp can lift and turn structural steel plates made from stainless steel, iron, and aluminum without leaving marks or causing damage. You can even use this clamp underwater!

True to their name, the Camlok CX Heavy-Duty Hinged Universal Plate Clamps feature a heavy-duty hook ring and a reinforced plate at the top of the mouth. These clamps can be used with 2 leg slings and can handle hot rolled structural steel plates with a surface hardness of 300 Brinell (32HRc).

Camlok Plate Clamps

Camlok Lifting Clamps - Plate ClampCamlok Lifting Clamps - Plate Clamp

Plate clamps are great for moving metals sheets and leave no marks behind. Often used in pairs, these are ideal for the manufacturing industry and can be used for both vertical and horizontal lifting. We offer:

There’s a Camlok clamp for everything

While the above products can help you with a lot around the shop, you may still be looking for the perfect fit for your day-to-day work. If the above clamps aren’t quite what you’re looking for, these may better suit your needs:

CP Pile Pitching Clamps are designed specifically for pitching sheet steel with the advantage of attaching a rope for easy release from the ground. These clamps are ideal for heavy construction applications.

Camlok BTG Groundworks Clamps are designed specifically for working with concrete manhole pipes in the vertical position. Sold in a set of three, these minimize the manhole trench size so that pipes can be accurately starched.

Camlok TSH Screw Clamps, recommended for use with lever tools, pull and hold girders, sheet metal, and related steel objects. These are used as anchor points to prepare for welding or other assemblies.

Camlok lugs

Camlok CLB Container Lifting Lugs come in a set of four and are spring-loaded to prevent accidental release. Designed to eliminate the dangerous use of standard hooks, a set of four can handle up to 88,100 pounds! These clamps are mounted horizontally at the side of the container’s upper or lower holes and should be used with lifting beams when being used for maximum capacity.

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