Product Launch: Ron StageMaster Load Monitoring Technology

Mountain Productions is proud to announce our partnership with Eilon Engineering!

As announced at PLASA 2017, we’ve teamed up with the load monitoring masters to bring you the very best in load cells and receivers.

Eilon Engineering has perfected the development and manufacturing of load cell technology and load monitoring equipment. For more than forty years, their uncompromising attitude towards safety and quality has gained them a reputation for excellence. NASA, Spacex, Boeing, GE, Siemens and thousands of others rely on Eilon’s technology and unwavering reliability.

At the MTN Shop, you’ll now find the Ron StageMaster Wireless Classic Load Cell and the Ron StageMaster Wireless Shackle Pin Load Cell, along with receivers, cases and kits designed to keep your work safe.

The classic load cell is Eilon’s flagship. The classic Ron StageMaster load cell offers real-time load monitoring and overload detection for as many load cells as you need. With a battery life of 5,000 hours, its “always-on” continuous monitoring is always hard at work ensuring your protection. They’re unmatched in performance, safety and flexibility.

The Wireless Shackle Pin Load Cells also offer advanced load monitoring and overload detection. These weatherproof shackle pins are built with extremely low headroom and quick installation in mind and offer capacities ranging from 1/4 ton to 12.5 Tons. Their ease of use doesn’t diminish their dependability. These shackle pin load cells are accurate within one-tenth of one percent.

Of course, Eilon Engineering offers equally impressive receivers to monitor their industry-leading load cells. You can choose between a basic receiver, designed to connect up to eight load cells or a standard receiver, with the ability to control up to 100 load cells split into up to 15 groups.

A portable receiver can also be used in conjunction with your tablet or smartphone. The portable receiver controls up to 75 load cells. Its small size still offers the same performance Eilion Engineering and their Ron StageMaster products are known for.

The MTN Shop makes load monitoring easy. We’ve put together custom load cell monitoring kits designed to fit your needs. You can choose between load cells and the number of load cells you need. Each kit includes the receiver and cases, as well, to ensure you have everything you need to keep safety at the forefront of your next project.

Get the protection of Ron StageMaster Load Monitoring technology, wherever you may be. If you’re in the United States, head to Our friends from overseas can get their load cells and receivers by visiting