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Ron StageMaster™ Receiver

Eilon Engineering



The Ron StageMaster™ Eilon Basic Receiver is an ideal controller for smaller systems.  Each basic receiver can connect to up to 8 load cells, providing a load map of the entire system on a connected laptop. Each load cell supports real time logging which can be saved to a laptop, giving the user the ability to store months of data. The Ron StageMaster™ Standard Receiver is compatible with both MacOS and Windows based laptops.

The Ron StageMaster™ Eilon Portable Receiver is a unique load monitoring controller.  With Bluetooth connectivity and a very small form factor, the Portable Receiver is able to control up to 75 load cells.  Providing the same continuous data logging as the other receivers from Eilon Engineering, the Portable receiver allows the user to view the load map on an iPad or iPhone, eliminating the need for a bulky laptop without compromising on performance.

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