New Crosby Lifting Equipment Added to MTN Shop

Crosby is a top name within the rigging and lifting industry, trusted for over 130 years to produce the best quality products. Their selection of rigging hardware is second to none.

Rooted in tradition, Crosby is the world’s leading manufacturer of rigging hardware, lifting equipment, and material handling supplies. Their range of products can be used in the mining, marine, cargo handling, transportation, and various other industries. No matter the material handling job, Crosby has the solution for you.

Crosby was named one of the leaders in the Global Lifting Point Rigs Market Analysis and Forecast to 2023. This is a report that bases its findings on consumer buying patterns, demand, growth rate, and supply scenarios.

The Crosby Guarantee

Crosby’s products are more than superior—their guaranteed quality comes with comprehensive risk management, world-class training programs, and excellent customer service. They work to make sure your use of their products is nothing but a safe and positive experience.

Their world-class training programs are an industry first. They offer a variety of training courses to ensure that their customers are knowledgeable and can work safely with their equipment. You can take their Rigging Aptitude Test online to see what you can expect from one of their training seminars.

Crosby is powered by their commitment to being an innovative leader for their customers, both in product development and the utilization of technologies to advance future product benefits.

New Crosby Lifting Products at MTN Shop

Recently, we extended our Crosby lifting equipment products to our online store, and we’re thrilled to share them with you! Crosby offers everything from lifting clamps to anchor lifting shackles. Crosby shackle are available in a number of varieties, including pin anchor, screw pin, and bolt.

We offer the following Crosby rigging shackles on our site:

This selection of Crosby shackles is fatigue rated, quenched and tempered with alloy bolts, and they meet or exceed all requirements of ASME B30.26.

Our selection of Crosby clamps are available in a number of configurations, including horizontal clamps, beam clamps, vertical clamps, and drum clamps. If you’re in need of a clamp that won’t damage your material, the Crosby Lifting Clamps- No Damage to Material Surface is perfect for you! With a full 180° turning range, you can lift and transfer just about any material.

No matter the Crosby lifting equipment you have, we sell authentic replacement parts in our online store, too. Crosby also offers a 10-year guarantee on all their CrosbyIP clamp styles, which you can now shop here.

Crosby is one of the leaders when it comes to the rigging and lifting industries, and you’ll only find the best here at We’re thrilled to have added Crosby to our offerings!