Mountain Productions: Master Distributor of Columbus McKinnon Products for Three Decades

Columbus McKinnon Corporation is a leading worldwide manufacturer and marketer of material handling systems and services. They have over 140 years of expertise in industrial manufacturing and construction and a rich history of tradition and excellence when it comes to both their products and application knowledge.

Columbus McKinnon is the name and reputation behind some of the best brands in the industry, including CM, Yale, CM Entertainment, and many more. They have a global following and are requested by name due to the durability and long lifespan of all their rigging and hoist products. From individual products to complete solutions for overhead lifting applications, CM has safe and efficient products for both heavy-duty and commercial use.

Mountain Productions is a master distributor of CM Products and their Largest ET Distributor World Wide 

Mountain Productions is a master distributor of CM products and our team of technicians are certified in hoist maintenance and repair. If you’re looking to purchase Columbus McKinnon products, you can find what you need & (International). We carry their entire line of chain hoists, shackles, chain, and replacement hoist parts for entertainment and industrial industries.

A Global Leader in Entertainment Technology:  Electric Chain Hoists

Under their entertainment brand, Columbus McKinnon Entertainment Technology (CM-ET) is an industry leader providing quality lifting and positioning equipment for riggers in the entertainment industry around the world.

CM-ET electric chain motors, ratchet hoists, and rigging products are recognized in international venues and can be found everywhere from sporting events and tours to Broadway musicals and theater productions.

The CM Lodestar electric chain motor has been trusted by generations of entertainment industry professionals since 1955. This legendary motor is renowned for its dependency and durability.

CM’s iconic hoist design offers best-in-class performance, unmatched safety, and consistent reliability. It’s ideal for touring concerts and productions both indoors and out. MTN Shop is proud to carry the CM Lodestar Classic style, Lodestar Next Gen, and Lodestar 2-Ton, Single-Reevedhoists.

When space is limited, the CM Prostar is an expertly designed hoist that is smaller and more compact than the traditional Lodestar. It meets or exceeds world standards and is the perfect hoist for smaller venues.

You can find our other electric chain hoists for industrial use here.

Manual Hoists

CM manual hoists are available in two general styles: Hand Chain Hoists and Lever Hoists. Hand chain hoists are primarily for vertical lifting and use the power of the worker for operation. Lever hoists, on the other hand, are used effectively for pulling, lifting, and positioning. We also offer CM manual hoists with integral trolleys and in styles that are ideal for low headroom applications.


At MTN Shop, we offer the following CM manual hoists:


In addition, we carry shackles, chain, and CM replacement parts so you always have the power to perform. For the most experienced lifting and positioning equipment backed by certified maintenance and repair, get your CM products from or