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OZ Lifting Electric Chain Hoist

OZ Lifting



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OZ Lifting Electric Chain Hoist

The electric chain hoist from OZ lifting is engineered to safely and effortlessly take care of your heavy lifting needs. The hoist protects itself from overloading damage thanks to its overload protection system. The load brake works with a high performance friction clutch to intervene when too much weight is loaded and prevent damage. The hook is forged from carbon steel and has a heavy duty latch The bottom hook can rotate 360° thanks to its thrust bearing, which prevents the load chain from twisting. The load sheave helps to evenly distribute the load and reduces vibration and wear for smooth lifting. The hoist has a dual braking system, combining mechanical and regenerative braking for quick and safe operation,

The precisely engineered gears have been heat treated to become stronger and more durable. All bearing rotating points are oil bathe lubricated for a smoother, quieter and cooler operation. The chain is made from grade 80 alloy steel for a long and dependable life. The hoist uses 110V standard power making it easy to use virtually anywhere.  Pendant Controls – IP64 ergonomic pendant design for operator comfort. Lift and lower load easily with integrated emergency stop. Compact Aluminum Body – Compact and lightweight cast aluminum alloy body making it perfect for many work station applications. Chain Bag – Durable vinyl bag comes standard.

Available in lifting capacities of 500lbs, 1 Ton, 2 Ton and 4 Ton.


  • Overload Protection
  • Hook: Forged Carbon Steel
  • Load Sheave: for even distribution
  • Lubricated Gearing
  • Dual Braking System
  • Chain: Grade 80 alloy steel
  • H3 Duty Class
  • 110V Power
  • Pendant Controls
  • Compact Aluminum Body
  • Chain Bag



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