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KASK Zenith Visor - Zen MM (Metal Mesh)



Kask Zenith Visor

The KASK Zenith Visor - Zen MM (Metal Mesh) is a full facial metal mesh shield for use with the KASK Zenith helmet range. The fine-mesh net visor reduces light by 50% and protects the wearer from small to medium-sized debris while providing better breathability. The KASK line of helmet visors is expansive and covers nearly every application.

To install the KASK Zen MM helmet visor, the following products are required (sold separately):

  • Material: Metal
  • Light Transmission: 50%
  • Weight: 0.22 lbs (100g)
  • Size: Universal
  • Standards: EN1731 / ANSI Z87.1

Kask Super Plasma Helmet VS Kask Zenith Helmet 

Kask Helmet Accessories - Zenith Collection



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