Gig Gloves ONYX

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Gig Gloves ONYX are the all-black version of the Original Gig Gloves—these are great for live event, theater, and production crew members who need to be "invisible" while working. No need to use a marker on your gloves to black-out any logos as the Gig Gloves ONYX are completely black. When your role is to support the show and stay unnoticed, these gloves will give you discreet, yet durable and comfortable protection.

The Gig Gloves ONYX Include stronger nylon threading, increasing the lifespan of your gloves. A hook on each glove allows you to attach them to a belt loop or chain for easy tethering. Additionally, the V2 Gig Gloves have a redesigned fold-over fingertip that ensures your fingers are not exposed even when hyper extending your hand.

The fold-over fingertips on the thumb, pointer, and middle fingers allow the user to handle smaller tools and items without removing the gloves. This is also a great feature when using touchscreen devices.

Gig Gear LLC, the company behind Gig Gloves, has over 20 years experience in the music and audio industries and knows what professionals are looking for when it comes to hand protection. Comfort and durability are main factors, and Gig Gloves go the extra mile for top performance. 

  • Strong, durable materials provide protection, breathability, and long-lasting use
  • TPR molding on back of hand and fingers ensures ultimate protection against impact, abrasions, or pinching
  • Articulating design reduces fatigue even during long periods of use
  • All black material on the entire surface of the glove, including logos allows the wearer to remain discreet.
  • Padded grip provides protection of palm while allowing a strong grip for carrying gear, even in slippery conditions
  • Fold-over fingertips on thumb, pointer, and middle fingers allow for use of smaller tools and items without removing gloves
  • Redesigned fold-over fingertip does not leave fingers exposed
  • Stronger nylon threading throughout gloves
  • Hooks on each glove for fastening together or to a clip or loop
  • Available in 6 unisex sizes

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