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CM Shackle- Screw Pin (Theatrical)




CM Shackle- Screw Pin 

CM’s attention to the entertainment production industry has led to many product developments that are focused specifically on our line of work. CM Shackle (Theatrical) prove this at first with their name, and then with their superior strength in use. 

They are screw pin shackles manufactured from technically advanced micro alloy material and boast a design factor of 6:1. All Theatrical Shackles have alloy quenched and tempered pins for greater strength and abrasion resistance. Screw pins are quickly and easily removed from the shackle body, and just as easily secured by torque. This range is ideal for stage applications where shackles are removed frequently.

Stage crews wear black for a reason, and Theatrical CM Shackles are finished with a black phosphate coating for low visibility when in use. 

If you are interested in bulk ordering, please contact us via our RFQ form.

• Positive and Easy Identification - All shackles are marked with size (mm and in) and working load limits in tons

• Strength Plus - Ultimate strength equals 5 times working load limit. Proof load equals 2.2 times working load limit

• Black Phosphate Finish, 100% Proof Tested

• CE Marked

Product Code Size (in) Working Load
Limit (Ton)
Weight (lb)
45799 1/2” 3 0.75
45800 5/8” 4 1/2 1.44
45801 3/4” 6 1/2 2.38

Dimensions (in)
Product Code D P W L B R
45799 1/2” 5/8” 13/16” 1 15/16” 1 3/8” 1/3/8”
45800 5/8” 3/4” 1 1/16” 2 3/8” 1 5/8” 1 5/8”
45801 3/4” 7/8” 1 1/4" 2 7/8” 1 3/4" 2 1/8”

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