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CM Shackles – Carbon Steel




CM’s Carbon Steel Shackles, simply put, have the highest working load limit of any carbon steel shackle in the industry. These shackles consistently perform with superior strength and exhibit more ductility than other carbon steel shackles of the same nominal section size. Our own crew and supervisors use CM shackles every day and on every job site. We rely on these products to perform time and time again, and we stand behind CM’s product line and history of quality.

The CM Carbon Steel Shackles we distribute are batch tested and painted black for low visibility. All shackle bodies and pins are forged from special steel, heat treated, and tempered to give greater strength and abrasion resistance. CM’s 130+ years of experience shines through in the design and strength of their Carbon Steel Shackles, along with their entire line of rigging items.

Screw pins are quickly and easily removed from the shackle body, and just as easily secured by torque. This type of shackle is perfect in the entertainment industry, where shackles are frequently moved.

If you are interested in bulk ordering, please contact us via our RFQ form.

• Positive and Easy Identification - All shackles are marked with size (mm and in) and working load limits in tons

• Strength Plus - Ultimate strength equals 5 times working load limit. Proof load equals 2.2 times working load limit 

• CE Marked

Product Code Size (in) Working Load
Limit (Ton)
Weight (lbs)
M646B 1/4" 3/4 0.12
M647B 5/16" 1 0.2
M648B 3/8" 1 1/2 0.3
M650B 1/2" 3 0.75
M651B 5/8" 4 1/2 1.6
M652B 3/4" 6 1/2 2.6


Dimensions (in)
Product Code D P W L B R
M646B 0.31 0.36 0.47 0.75 1.13 0.75
M647B 0.38 0.45 0.53 0.84 1.25 0.81
M648B 0.44 0.52 0.66 1 1.4 1
M650B 0.63 0.7 0.84 1.34 1.94 1.38
M651B 0.75 0.83 1.06 1.66 2.41 1.63
M652B 0.88 0.95 1.28 1.94 2.84 1.89

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