8/5 L21-30 Feeder Cable



Mountain Productions' cables are manufactured domestically at our own shop, and we offer a wide variety of cable tails and power and control cables. We've supplied feeder cable for the biggest events where dependable power is critical.

Our 8/5 L21-30 Feeder Cable is used for providing power to your motor control and power distribution. This product features Twist-Lock connectors patented by Hubbell. The Twist-Lock connectors have pins arrayed in a circular manner and is twisted when plugged in to lock into place. This item is a 8 gauge wire with 5 conductors, and is available at varying lengths. 

Our dedicated cable room has manufactured high quality feeder cables for years. If you're looking for a type of cable that you cannot find on our online shop, please send us your request—we're capable of custom orders!


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