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Leica's Entire Indoor Line of Disto Laser Distance Meters

The MTN Shop’s Marty Wesstrom met with Steven Hobson from Leica Geosystems to introduce the line of interior Leica DISTO LDMs, including the Disto D1, Disto E7100i, Disto D2 and the Disto E7400x. Tune in to learn which measuring device should be in your toolbelt and why you need to get your hands on a Leica Geosystem Disto today.

Length: 2:55


Leica Disto D2 vs. Tape Measure

Director of Rigging Sales, Marty Wesstrom, puts the New Leica Geosystems Disto D2, with Bluetooth 4.0 and the Sketch app, to the test, measuring the same room with the laser distance meter and a traditional tape measure. In this product review, learn why you may want to add this LDM to your gear bag for everyday measurements or on-the-job use.

Length: 3:13


PMI Unicore Rope Test and Review

PMI Unicore Rope is put to the test in this demo and review by Mountain Productions and Pigeon Mountain's Robert Gowder. If you're a rope access tech or just enjoy climbing, you'll want to learn more about this cutting-edge new rope tech. Get yours today at!

Length: 3:24

Category:Fall Protection / Safety

KASK Superplasma and Zenith Helmets

Our Director of Rigging Sales, Marty Wesstrom, teams up with Fabio Cardarelli, North American Safety Sales & Marketing Manager for KASK to show you the Superplasma and Zenith safety helmets and accessory line. Learn more about these two products, how they differ, and the full head protection package that KASK offers.

Length: 3:54

Category:Fall Protection / Safety

Sizing Tips for the Perfect Fit - Exofit NEX Harness

DBI-SALA's Exofit NEX Rope & Rescue Harness is at the top of its class and provides workers at height with a comfortable and safe harness for all-day use. This video shows some tips on how to properly don the Exofit NEX Harness along with advice on getting the right size for your body type. Get the best-selling harness today, at!

Length: 1:17

Category:Fall Protection / Safety

MTN BOX® - How to Easily Replace Hardware

The MTN BOX® road cases feature completely replaceable hardware to make maintenance on your case as easy as possible. This also increases the product life of your investment

Length: 1:26

Category: MTN BOX®

MTN BOX® - Less is more

Do you know how many different components are used to assemble a standard ATA road case? Find out how the MTN BOX: Spektrum Series road cases compare to traditional flight cases.

Length: 1:25

Category: MTN BOX®

CM Lodestar RRS

Introducing the 2-Ton Single-Reeved Lodestar - quite simply the world's best electric chain motor.

Length: 3:30

Category: Electric Chain Hoists

ET Motor Myths

Do you think you know everything about motors used in the entertainment industry? Join CM as they confirm or bust the myths with their Training Expert, Dave Carmack.

Length: 44:47

Category: Electric Chain Hoists

Hoist Chain Inspection

Learn all about hoist chain and how to properly inspect and maintain it.

Length: 42:31

Category: Electric Chain Hoists

Manual Hoist Inspection

Learn all about manual chain hoists and how to properly inspect and maintain them.

Length: 42:31

Category: Manual Chain Hoists

Safety In Lifting

This video covers inspection criteria and procedures for inspecting all slings.

Length: 6:14

Category: Fall Protection / Safety

Fall Protection For Tools

3M™ DBI-SALA® Fall Protection for Tools makes work environments safer and more productive by drastically reducing falling object incidents resulting in personal injury, equipment damage, and tool loss.​​​​​

Length: 1:23

Category: Fall Protection / Safety

Rollgliss R550

The 3M™ DBI-SALA® Rollgliss™ R550, fall rescue and descent system, provides safe, secure and efficient automatic rescue and descent for cell phone towers, aerial lifts, cranes, wind towers, buildings and more.​

Length: 4:02

Category: Fall Protection / Safety

Fall Protection Training

This is Chapter One in an 11-part series of fall protection training videos. These videos will give you a fundamental awareness of fall prevention tips - what you absolutely need to think about before you can work safely at height.

Length: 4:02

Category: Fall Protection / Safety