Dirty Rigger Venta-Cool™ Summer Rigger Gloves



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The heat is relentless in the summer, and when you’re spending the majority of the day working long production hours outside, you need to stay comfortable and cool. When thinking of hand protection, you can trust in Dirty Rigger’s Venta-Cool™ Summer Rigger Gloves to protect you while keeping you refreshed and ventilated all day long.

The Venta-Cool™ Summer Rigger Gloves provide hand cooling airflow through low-contact areas on the back of the glove. High ventilation materials allow air to pass through and refresh your hands as you move, ultimately drawing heat away from the core. Dirty Rigger’s Venta-Cool™ Summer Rigger Gloves still maintain a high level of protection on the palm-side with a synthetic leather base. This base expels sweat through micro-perforations, while a second articulated layer with reinforced double-stitched seams supports resistance to abrasions.

Dirty Rigger's Venta-Cool™ Summer Rigger Gloves are available in the following product bundles:

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  • Approximately 80% more airflow than regular Dirty Rigger gloves
  • High ventilation glove back
  • Optimum durability on palm and key wear areas
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Write-on ID tag


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