Yates Gear: Rescue, Rigging, and Rope Access Equipment That Goes the Extra Mile

If you’re in rescue, rigging, or the rope access industry, you know the importance, nay, necessity of having a reliable harness and dependable lanyard. Our devotion to safety and commitment to quality brought us to Yates Gear- a company with products that have been extensively field and lab tested to ensure that they perform in the rigorous manner required for their industry.

No matter what industry you work in, falling on the job is a serious matter. In fact, it is one of the most common work-related injuries. Yates goes the extra mile by holding their fall equipment to a higher degree of safety through their meticulous attention to detail. At MTN SHOP, we are proud to carry some of Yates’ top-of-the-line products, specifically, their harnesses and lanyards.

Made in the USA Since 1982

James and John Yates established Yates Gear in 1982 focusing on manufacturing mountaineering and rock climbing equipment. Yates’ innovative, functional, comfortable and safe products have set them apart from competitors thanks to their long relationship and unique collaboration with the technical rescue, rigging, and rope access communities throughout the world.

While they have globalized their network, Yates has remained close to home with production. Its production facility is in Redding, California where sewn products are manufactured using raw materials that are manufactured in the US as well.

Yates Products Available at MTN Shop

Are you in the market for a harness, lanyard, or both? Below is a list of Yates products we offer at MTN SHOP.

The Yates 380R Voyagers Rigging Harness is UL Classified to meet NFPA 1983/2017 edition standards and ANSI/OSHA and CAN/CSA Class III harness standards. While that’s good to know for work purposes, comfortability is its real benefit with its new and improved wider leg pads along with its 5-inch waist pad. When you work long, hard hours, you want to feel good in the equipment you’re in and this harness provides exactly that. Plus, it is extremely functional as it can be quickly and easily donned and adjusted by use of camlock buckles.

Yates 380R

Yates 380R Voyagers Rigging Harness


Next up is the Yates 386 Basic Rigging Harness, a tuned down super lightweight version of the Voyager Riggers Harness at a very attractive price. Thinning padding material on the waist belt portion and wide anatomical leg pad reduces weight and bulk. If that wasn’t enough, the shoulder straps are specially tailored to reduce chafing on the neck, safeguarding you from unnecessary pain on the job.

Yates 386 Harness

Yates 386 Basic Rigging Harness


If you are a transmission tower worker, the Yates 390 Basic RTR Tower Access Harness is perfect for you since it is designed for workers utilizing rope access techniques. Nonetheless, the harness still serves as an excellent technical and rope rescue harness.

Yates 390 Harness

Yates 390 Basic RTR Tower Access Harness

The Yates 387 Basic Rope Access Harness is a harness truly designed for on-rope work. Thinning padding material and smaller-sized D-rings save weight and reduce bulk while leg pad configuration is contoured and sewn in place to offer super comfortable fit for those long hanging jobs. On top of that, it is easily adjustable for variations in clothing by use of camlock buckles.

Yates 387 Harness

Yates 387 Basic Rope Access Harness

A state-of-the-art version of our popular Basic Rope Access Harness, the Yates 387P Basic Rope Access Professional Harness has a wide anatomical waist pad for increased comfort and added back support. Leg pad orientation can be adjusted to accommodate personal preferences. All these features are not only designed for safety but also for comfort.

Yates 387P Harness

Yates 387P Basic Rope Access Professional Harness

Looking for something more abrasion and cut resistant than webbing? The Yates Armortech Rope Anchor Sling’s Technora is stronger than webbing and is also extremely heat resistant (with a melting point above 900 degrees F). The rope’s durability will allow you to get the job done no matter your work environment. Depending on your task, you can use the rope sling to be wrapped single, double, triple or end to end thanks to its loop end.

Yates Armortech Rope Anchor
Yates Armortech Rope Anchor Sling

The last product on our list - the Yates 100% Tie Off Twin Leg Lanyard - is designed specifically for rope access work and transmission tower workers who want a fall protection lanyard for sternal harness attachment. You don’t have to worry about backup webbing in the shock pack because the low bulk Dyneema tear tape prevents that.

Yates 100% Tie Off Twin Leg Lanyard

  Yates 100% Tie Off Twin Leg Lanyard

No matter your fall protection needs, you can find what you need at SHOPMTN.COM.