What the U.S. Can Learn from Event Safety Alliance Training

Last year, just after the deadly attack at an Ariana Grande concert in the U.K., the Event Safety Alliance (ESA) announced that they were making their Event Safety Access Training (ESAT) available online. This course is designed specifically for those working in the event industry and teaches safety principals that can be key skills during moments of distress.

This movement will make the program accessible to a greater number of people, which is an amazing step forward in concert safety. While nothing can guarantee another attack like this from happening, providing a way for those who want to help keep concerts and events safe is improving the way the entertainment industry does business.

Event safety training should be made common practice for all event personnel

The training course is broken into eight chapters that cover many aspects of event safety, from OSHA regulations to how to respond to crowd violence. The course is administered by DC3 Education, a partner of Full Sail University. It is widely available to anyone looking to receive the training. While not all countries require this training—the U.S. is an example of this—it is available to all interested within the event industry.

In some countries, employees may not be able to perform certain duties without event safety training and credentials. The need for such training is becoming more and more evident; in fact, event leaders are being held responsible for promoting safety-related training to their employees.

So, the U.S. as of right now holds no standards for event safety training, but we should. Safety is the most important role that security guards and event personnel work for and being trained properly will help U.S. events to take their safety measures to the next level. What we can do now is take it upon ourselves to receive the training, therefore elevating the expectations of U.S. event safety requirements.

As an event-goer, knowing that the personnel working around me have been properly trained on how to handle emergency situations will only help to enhance my experience. While training can’t prevent tragedies from happening, someone properly trained on how to react can make a big difference and even save lives.

What to know about this online program

The interactive training program is based on three fundamental concepts: (1) event professionals should have proper and verified safety training, (2) the training must be relevant to their field and presented in a way that is clear and engaging to the professional, (3) and the training must take place when and where the professional can receive it. You can learn more about how this program applies directly to these principals on the ESA website.

Some of you might be wondering about the cost right now—if you’re a member of the ESA, the course costs $180, while it’s $225 for non-members. It’s a pretty affordable fee to be trained for emergency situations.

The training can be completed at your own pace but must be done within 30 days from your start date. Committing to this training shows your commitment to your profession and to keeping those in your care as safe as you can.

The ESTA course is given in eight sections. You’ll learn about crowd, violence, and severe weather issues as well as health and safety concepts, job site roles and responsibilities, OSHA regulations, PPE, and event-related hazards and controls that may be found on a worksite.

Upon course completion, you will receive a certificate and a card—perfect for carrying in your wallet—that show you have completed the course. You will also be registered in the ESA safety-committed professionals database. You’ll also leave the training knowing that you’re working to make event experiences better for all attention—there’s nothing better than the peace of mind someone gets from knowing they are surrounded by trained professionals. Now, on with the show!

Registration for the Event Safety Access Training for live event professionals is now open here. If you’re committed to event safety, sign up today!