What are the Benefits of Carbon Fiber Helmets?

Helmets are mandated pieces of safety equipment required for all industrial applications. Their primary application is to protect your head from falling debris. Given the vital nature of this task, a helmet is one piece of gear you don’t want to skimp out on.

Given the variety of hard hats available, it’s imperative to pick the best one for your application. Factors include material, visibility, style, and helmet rating.  Today, we’re going to look at one material in particular and the benefits it offers: carbon fiber.

What is Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber is one of the strongest materials available on the market today. Sometimes also called graphite fiber or carbon graphite, this polymer is made up of thin strands of carbon. These thin strands (sometimes thinner than a strand of hair) can be woven together to make a cloth. It can also be coated in resin or plastic to add strength to other materials.


Carbon fiber is a popular material in aerospace, automotive, and military applications because of its numerous benefits. One of the biggest benefits is its strength: carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel and twice as stiff. However, it is also significantly lighter than steel, making it perfect for applications where weight is a concern (such as wearing it on the human body).

Here are some other benefits of carbon fiber:

  • High tensile strength
  • High chemical resistance
  • Temperature tolerant
  • Low thermal expansion

Carbon Fiber Hard Hats

Given the benefits of carbon fiber material, it’s easy to see why it has found its way into hard hat construction. Carbon fiber hard hats have all the benefits of carbon fiber to protect your head, whether you’re an ironworker, electrical contractor, or arborist.  


If you’re in the market for a new hard hat, you will notice that carbon fiber helmets have a higher price point than standard plastic ones. This difference is cost represents the technology that goes into manufacturing these helmets with carbon fibers.

Lift Safety Hard Hats

At MTN Shop, we trust and carry Lift Safety carbon fiber helmets. Since 2006, they have been designing and engineering safety gear to meet the rigorous demands of industrial work—including hard hats. Lift Safety designs and manufactures a variety of hard hats to meet your individual needs. Their DAX line of hard hats is their most innovative, stylish, and ultra-protective helmets they carry.

The carbon fiber-reinforced shell is made from high-quality materials that are both strong and lightweight. Structurally solid and resistant to fatigue, they are more durable than their plastic counterparts.


The DAX carbon fiber hard hats are available in both full brim and cap styles. Both options feature a fiber-reinforced resin shell for superior impact protection with brim grip for a secure feel. The perforated Clarino® synthetic leather comfort dome with molded EVA foam insert provides additional shock absorbing protection to the top of the head as well as ultimate comfort. Both helmets meet ANSI Z89.1-2014 requirements for Type 1, Class C.

Why Choose a Carbon Fiber Helmet?

If you’re looking for a reliable hard hat that can withstand more impact without weighing you down, a carbon fiber hard hat may be the perfect fit for you. Besides their attractive design, they also have a higher resistance to dents, scratches, and breaks compared to other hard hats.

If you’re looking to upgrade your hard hat, you can shop all of our available options at shopmtn.com.