Take Your Adventure to New Heights with the Ronin Lift Personal Ascender

From the very beginning, humankind has sought new heights—and new depths. And as our goals continue to elevate, our equipment has had to keep up the pace. From Henri Brenot’s early (and arduous) metal clamps for ascending rope while caving, to Ferdinand Petzl’s first rope progression tools, the worlds of caving and mountaineering have not been the same. But where mechanical ascenders and descenders seemed like the ultimate solution for rope access, the truth is, it was only the beginning.

Today, we have rope access equipment and climbing tools that go beyond what climbing pioneers could have ever imagined, all easily available online. One of the newest products making waves in the rope access industries is the Ronin Lift.

MTN SHOP officially launched the Ronin Lift at The Namm Show 2019 to great acclaim and excitement. It received such a great response we had to share this video showcasing this product in all its glory. This battery-powered ascender was developed to take your adventure or work to new heights at ease.

The Ronin Lift: Elevating Adventure

The Ronin Revolution Corporation, based out of Orange County, California, take their name from feudal Japan where Ronin were the Samurai bound to no master. More importantly, Ronin dictated their own destiny and their own path.

It is with this same ideology that the entire Ronin team operates. To meet life’s complicated daily challenges and extreme adventures, they have taken their own path, forging unique, innovative products that will transform the way you work, play, and live in ways you never thought possible.

At the forefront of their innovation is the Ronin Lift, a battery-powered personal rope ascender perfect for both commercial and personal use. Built of rugged and durable construction, the Ronin Lift is surprisingly lightweight and capable of lifting up to 400 pounds.

A Personal Rope Ascender for Work and Play

When coupled with personal protective equipment (PPE) and suitable static rope, the Ronin Lift is a safe and easy means of ascent, whether you’re working building maintenance, wind tower access, forestry, or even rigging for the film and television industries.

Ronin Lifter Forestry

Ronin Lift

In addition to making your job easier than ever, the Ronin Lift is an easy addition to your next adventure. It’s lightweight and affordable, meaning hobbyists and professionals alike can enjoy verticality with Ronin. The Ronin Lift also provides a means for physically challenged climbers to meet their dream or re-spark their passion despite physical limitations.

Ronin Lift

John M. St. Martin, Jr., a disabled veteran of the US Army Special Forces, was able to test the Ronin Lift early on. Of the ascender, he said, "It enabled me to do what I can no longer do on my own due to my disability. I see great potential in this device for disabled people in general, especially those who have lost a limb." Read more here.

What Else You Need to Know About the Ronin Lift

How lightweight is “lightweight”?

Despite its impressive safe working load of 400 pounds, the Ronin Lift weighs less than 25 pounds, including the weight of the battery. While it won’t add much weight to your load, it can certainly help you haul all of your equipment.

How is the Ronin Lift powered?

The Ronin Lift runs on a lithium-ion battery. The battery can reach full charge in 2-3 hours via an AC power cord. It’s a hot-swappable battery pack for continuous duty all day long.

How fast does it lift?

The Ronin Lift has a speed range of 0.5-1.7 feet per second. Descent speed is 4 feet per second. You can easily adjust the speed using the thumbwheel trigger.

What kind of rope can I use?

The Ronin Lift requires Aramid or Kernmantle static line rope 10-12 mm in diameter. If the rope is between 10-11.5mm, the rope’s elongation must be less than 2%. For rope 11.6-12mm diameter, elongation must be 3.3% or below.

Where can I find the Ronin Lift?

You can find both the Ronin Lift Battery-Powered Ascender and spare Ronin Lift Batteries at shopmtn.com