Kuzar's Range of Industrial Lifters

With a long standing relationship spanning back to 2019, at MTN, we are proud to be the premium retailer of Kuzar lifts in the US. Not only have Kuzar's range of innovative tower lifts such as the K-57 and K-31 transformed the way stage riggers utilize their skills and assets on the job, but their range of industrial lifters have also redefined the standards of performance and functionality with industrial settings.

For the purpose of this blog, we'll delve into the details of Kuzar's game-changing industrial products and explore how they can revolutionize your workflow.


Kuzar Hammer 10 Industrial Lifter:

The Kuzar Hammer 10 Industrial Lifter emerges as a beacon of innovation, meticulously engineered to streamline lifting operations with unparalleled precision. Crafted in Spain, this lightweight lifter boasts an impressive capacity of 276 lbs, making it ideal for handling heavy appliances effortlessly. Designed for both vertical lifting and horizontal movements, the Hammer 10 ensures optimal maneuverability, even in confined spaces.

What sets the Hammer 10 apart is its seamless integration of power and agility. Equipped with high-quality wheels for swift navigation and a potent winch for efficient lifting, this lifter strikes the perfect balance between strength and versatility. Commonly favored by installers of heavy appliances, the Hammer 10 is a testament to Kuzar's commitment to excellence in industrial solutions.


Kuzar Hammer 10 Industrial Lifter


Kuzar Hammer 40 Industrial Lifter:

The Kuzar Hammer 40 Industrial Lifter emerges as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of industrial lifting equipment. With a robust capacity of 440 lbs, this lightweight stacker combines raw power with unmatched agility, setting new benchmarks in performance and reliability, specifically excelling in vertical lifting and horizontal maneuvers. 


Kuzar Hammer 40 Industrial Lifter


Kuzar Hammer 73 Industrial Lifter

Rounding off Kuzar's stellar lineup is the Hammer 73 Industrial Lifter, a true embodiment of power, versatility, and affordability. Featuring larger rear wheels for enhanced stability, this heavy-duty lifter boasts an impressive lifting height of 7.3m and a staggering capacity of 661 lbs, making it the go-to choice for tackling the most demanding industrial tasks with ease. Incorporating an Inertia Brake System for added safety, this lifter prioritizes the well-being of both the operator and the load, ensuring peace of mind even in the most challenging environments. Whether it's heavy-duty installations or logistical operations, the Hammer 73 delivers uncompromising performance every step of the way.


Kuzar Hammer 73 Industrial Lifter


In addition to its groundbreaking range of Industrial Lifters, Kuzar offers a diverse array of accessories to further enhance functionality and versatility:


Kuzar Industrial Lifter Hook & Lock Bar: Designed for use with the Hammer 56 and 73, this Hook & Lock Bar ensures secure handling of heavy loads, providing peace of mind in demanding environments.



Platform for Kuzar Hammer 10 Industrial Lifter: Transform your Hammer 10 into a versatile workstation with this Platform and Cradle, allowing for seamless handling of a wide range of materials and appliances.


Kuzar Industrial Lifter Pipe Cradle Kit: Compatible with the Hammer 40, 50, 56, and 73, this Pipe Cradle Kit offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency in handling cylindrical loads, making it an indispensable accessory for a wide range of applications.



In conclusion, Kuzar's range of Industrial Lifters and Accessories offer must-have features for any warehousing technician. Kuzar empowers you to elevate your workflow and tackle the most demanding tasks with confidence and ease. Discover the future of industrial lifting with Kuzar today!


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