[FEATURED PRODUCTS] Bold Designs with All-Day Comfort – MTN Apparel, Now Available

In every corner of the world, at every event, we’re always asked one simple question: “Where are the t-shirts?” Well, you asked and now we delivered!

Get ready for the freshest designs and styles of MTN Apparel, now available at ShopMTN.com. You can look like a badass and be comfortable doing it with our crew-approved line of t-shirts and hats. You can also get your hands on our favorite gear bags that feature the Mountain Productions logo all at our Online Rigging Shop.

The MTN Apparel line is launching with our Crew Shield tee that is complimented with the Mountain Productions banner and establishment year with a CREW rocker, showing you're a member of the team. This shirt also features the Mountain Productions logo on the chest and American flag on the right shoulder. If the colorful design doesn’t get you noticed, no need to worry – it’s available in Hi-Viz Green, too!

Along with our Crew Shield tee, the Mountain Productions Skull and Truss tee is inspired by the rugged roots of rigging and features the large, round skull and truss design on the back, the Mountain Productions logo on the chest, and the American flag on the right shoulder.

Both shirt designs are made from 100% cotton for ultimate comfort and breathability. The unisex shirts are available in five sizes and are perfect for wearing on the job or to your favorite summer events.


Every good t-shirt deserves a strong hat. The Mountain Productions FlexFit Hat offers a simple black design, built to withstand your day at work and still be in solid shape for a night on the town. This hat brandishes the Mountain Productions logo front and center, with an American flag to the side and an established year rocker in back. It’s moisture-wicking and head-hugging design lives up to the reputation of America’s leading event production company. Try it on and you’ll see why we haven’t taken ours off.

Our MTN Heavy-Duty Canvas Duffel Bag travels with every one of our own team members when heading to the next gig. This heavy-duty canvas duffel is water repellent and durable enough to stuff it full of clothes, accessories, and all of the gear you need for the journey ahead.

MTN Apparel has the boldest styles for the toughest workers and features Mountain Productions' own crew designs. Join the MTN squad with a fresh new look by visiting ShopMTN.com now! Check back for more bold designs to hit the MTN Apparel lineup soon.