Celebrate the Ski Patrollers in Your Life this New Year with new gear from MTN Shop

This Winter, we are giving our thanks to the men and women who are working hard this season to protect those of us who aren’t.

If you are out enjoying the slopes this holiday season you can certainly bet a Ski Patroller is nearby, and this week we’d like to pay special homage to them.

A Special Thanks to our Ski Patrol

Ski Patrollers are a unique type of person. Some get involved in this industry because they have a background in emergency care, such as EMT’s, and others already have a love for the powder and see this as a mean to do what they love. One thing they all have in common is a willingness to serve and to provide aid when needed. The main mission of the National Ski Patrol is “To help keep people safe on the mountain and during other outdoor activities” and for this we Thank You! 

The National Ski Patrol

The National Ski Patrol was founded in 1938 in Stowe, Vermont by Robert F. Langley. At the time, individual ski resorts employed their own ski patrol. While attending a ski race at Stowe, Langley was impressed by a “Super Patrol” that was created by Charles Minot Dole from members of the Mt. Mansfield, Pittsfield and Burlington ski patrols. The success of these 3 different patrols working together at one event spawned the idea of a National Ski Patrol. Now, the National Ski Patrol has over 30,000 members patrolling 650 resorts in the US and in certain military areas in Europe. This includes 11 Divisions:

  • Alaska
  • Central
  • Eastern
  • European
  • Far West
  • Intermountain
  • Northern
  • Pacific Northwest
  • Professional
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Southern

These members are both volunteers and paid patrollers and include Mountain Hosts, Physician Partners, Alumni & Associates.   

A Ski Patroller’s New Gear Wish List   

Safety is paramount in the ski patrol industry. At shopmtn.com we carry a full line of safety equipment that includes helmets, gloves, rope, lanyards, and flashlights.

Safety Equipment

Comfort and warmth are almost synonymous in a ski patrollers world. Throw in safety and you have yourself a quality helmet. MTN SHOP carries a full line of helmets from leading brands such as Kask, Petzl, and PMI. These helmets are available in different sizes, styles, and colors so we are sure to have the right helmet for you.

Pair your helmet with a good pair PMI Rescue Technician Gloves and you can rest assured your Ski Patroller will get the job done with both comfort and ease. Made of Kevlar, cowhide, and goatskin this breathable glove will provide the protection needed when performing a rope rescue.



If you are looking for more protection from the cold, then Dirty Rigger Sub-Zero XC Cold Weather Rigger Gloves are for you.  A 40gsm 3M Thinsulate® lining and Hipora® water-resistant membrane keep your hands warm right to the fingertips.

Ropes and Lanyards

Ski Patrollers never know what type of situation they will be in at any given time. Some situations may have them transporting the injured either up or down the mountain utilizing ropes and lanyards. (Especially those who work in the back country). Whether they need a good heavy lifting  Static Rope to perform a rescue or a Personal Rescue rope to get themselves out of a precarious situation, MTN SHOP carries what you need from industry leaders such as Petzl and PMI.



A quality fall arresting lanyard is also a must for anyone working in conditions requiring rope access. Accidents can even happen to rescue personnel, but you can put your mind at ease in the knowledge that they are equipped with the proper tools to keep them safe.

Flashlights and Headlamps

Whether it’s to see or be seen, a high-quality headlamp or flashlight should be a part of every Ski Patrollers tool bag. In addition to illuminating the work area, handheld units from PMI and SureFire can be used to signal other rescuers.

A hands-free headlamp from Petzl can allow your Ski Patroller to still perform tasks with their hands without having to worry about holding a flashlight. Adaptors are available to fix the headlamp directly to your helmet or purchase one with an adjustable headband for optimal positioning.



From our MTN family to yours we want to wish everyone in the ski patrol industry a very Happy New Year! We appreciate your hard work and dedication all season long and hope for plenty of power for the rest of the season.