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LiftAll Wire Rope 1/2" Thimble-Thimble




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We’ve traveled with cases of wire rope to venues for rigging, and have used LiftAll’s wire rope for years. Created in 1964, LiftAll has grown to be the largest sling manufacturer in North America. Through their experience with wire rope manufacturing, their focus is in precise engineering and safety. Their domestically made wire rope products are reliable and used all over the country.

Wire rope serves a variety of applications in both staging and rigging. It is a key component in rigging bridles at venues as well as working with chain hoists and grids in staging. Each wire rope is fitted with heavy-duty thimbles and an identification tag showing the serial number, length, diameter and rated capacity.

This product features a ½” thimble diameter and is available in varying lengths. If you are looking for a different end fitting, please send us a note and we’ll get back to you with the item you request. Our access to a variety of LiftAll rigging products lets us cater to any type of application.

Wire Rope Sling Inspection


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