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CM Lodestar Next Gen RRS, 2-Ton, Single Reeve, 60'


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Contact us for a quote on the specific CM Lodestar Next Gen RRS, 2-Ton, Single Reeve, 60' that you are interested in purchasing. Our professional staff can help you put together the perfect hoist for your needs—simply send us as much information on your application and hoist requirements and we’ll be in touch.

The CM Lodestar 2-Ton, Single-Reeved electric chain hoist is the newest member of the Lodestar family and is the result of expert anticipation and response to customer demands. Boasting all of the features that have made the Lodestar a household name in the entertainment industry, the new 2-Ton, Single-Reeved Lodestar has impressive capacity and is more economical and lighter than standard double-reeved units. This hoist is easier to transport and rig, and less required chain means greater efficiency.

This is a hoist that demands a double take! The CM Lodestar 2-Ton, Single-Reeved unit is designed to work anywhere in the world. We take our own Lodestars all over the country, each and every year, and remain loyal to the quality performance that CM electric chain hoists provide. 

• Capacity: 2 Ton

• Lift: 60'

• Speed: 16 FPM

• Voltage: 208 3 Phase

• Connectors: Dual Twist (Power 16-20, Control 14-10) C7 Power & Control, 14-20 Auxillary Individual Control OR P-14 Power & Control, 14-20 Auxillary Individual Control

• Less maintenance & easier inspection

• Lifetime grease-lubricated Gear Box means no oil change is required

• Clutch located outside the Gear Box allows for easy access

• Improved serviceability

• Heavy duty DC Brake Clutch located outside the load path preventing slipping of the load in an overload condition when the brake is not powered

• 5 Pocket Lift Wheel provides better chain and lift wheel engagement for smoother lifting and reduced vibration equating to less wear and a longer chain life

• Finger-safe wiring and plug-and-play connectors on the Control Panel

• Adjustable limit switch

• Overload protection

• Metric Rated

• Lifetime Warranty

• Standard rotatable limit switch

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