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Camlok™ TTR Girder Clamp



Minimum WLL

The Camlock TTR Girder Clamp can be used on girders and rolled steel joists up to a surface hardness of 300 Brinell (32HRc). TTR Girder Clamps are specially designed for handling structural beams with the flange in the vertical, or “H”, position.

  • Used to lift and transport structural beams up to a surface hardness of 300 Brinell (32HRc) with the flanges in the upright position
  • Versatile tool for transporting girders and joists. Can be used to lift and stack girders horizontally.
  • The hook rings are designed to be as a near to the center of gravity as possible, resulting in a near horizontal lift
  • Clamp is fitted with a cam-operated locking mechanism
  • Short beams may be lifted with a single clamp, longer beams should use 2 clamps in combination with a spreader beam
  • Design factor 4:1
Product Code Dimensions (in) * Weight(lbs)
TTR750 5.375 7.5 2 1.75 2.375 3.5 7.7
TTR1500 7.5 10.625 2.625 2.625 3 4.875 22
TTR3000 8.25 9.875 3.5 2.625 3.375 5 26.5

* Refer to product drawing above


Product Code Working Load Limit Flange (in)
Minimum (lbs) Maximum (lbs)
TTR750 90 1,600 1/4 to 5/8
TTR1500 350 3,300 1/4 to 1
TTR3000 700 6,600 1/4 to 1

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