Professional Rope Access

Rope access technicians are some of the most adaptable, versatile people on the planet. In fact, there is really no such thing as "just" a rope access technician - no one cares if you simply use rope access techniques to get to a seemingly unreachable place.  Once you've done the impossible of getting to an unreachable place, your work truly begins.  From repairing wind turbines to inspecting roller coasters to changing light bulbs, rope access technicians do nearly every task imaginable and they do it in places normal people can't imagine even getting to.

Getting this work done not only requires a wealth of knowledge and a fearless attitude, it also requires the right gear. Rope access technicians literally trust their equipment with their life, so making sure their gear is up to the task is truly a matter of life or death. 

From individual pieces to replace or upgrade your gear to full kits designed to outfit new rope access technicians with everything they need to get started, we stock everything the professional rope access technician needs, and as always, we only stock the best, most trustworthy brands in the industry.

Drop Prevention

Working at height requires a focus on safety - both your own and that of the people below you. Prevent accidents and time wasted recovering dropped tools by securing your tools.



Carabiners, pulleys, ascenders, braking devices, and other rope access hardware are a necessity when climbing. We carry only the best brands like Petzl, Rock Exotica, Kong, and Pigeon Mountain Industries.



A good harness is the centerpiece of any rope access technician's kit. A quality, proper fitting harness is essential to get the job done quickly, safely and in comfort.


Headlamps & Flashlights

Sometimes working in the dark is a necessary evil. Our flashlights and headlamps cam ensure you can still get your work done safely and efficiently.



From a simple rope lanyard like the Petzl Jane to the full featured Shockwave 2 from 3M DBI-SALA, we have a wide range of lanyards available for any positioning or fall arrest application.



We have hand picked the top brands in the industry to supply you with the static rope, cordage, low stretch rope, and dynamic rope you need to accomplish any job.


Rope & Tool Storage

Protect and transport all your gear with our line of durable, long-lasting bags. We carry a variety of sizes of bags, from small bolt bags to the 35 liter Petzl Bucket Rope Bag.



Protect yourself with the best helmets and gloves available - because when it comes to your own safety, only the best will do. We carry helmets from KASK, Petzl, and PMI, as well as gloves from several of the best brands in the world.