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Classic Lodestar Small Frame - Limit Switch Parts

Extended Limit Switch Parts

The parts listed above are for a standard 44 thread per inch limit switch shaft. Using this assembly, Model B & F hoists can achieve a maximum lift of 102 feet, while Model C hoists have a maximum lift of 206 feet. The limit switch assembly can be modified with a 56 thread per inch shaft or a 64 thread per inch shaft to increase the maximum lift.

To replace the stock limit switch shaft with a 56 TPI shaft, you will need a 56 TPI Limit Switch Shaft, a Limit Switch Shaft Gear and a 56 TPI Limit Switch Nut.  This allows a maximum lift of 133 feet for Model B & F hoists and 262 feet for Model C hoists.

A 64 TPI Limit Switch Shaft is also available and requires a Gear and 56 TPI Nut to complete the assembly.  This assembly increases the maximum lift of Model B & F hoists to 152 feet, and allows Model C hoists a maximum lift of 299 feet.

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