What are the Benefits to Buying a Kuzar Lift?

Kuzar, a company with over 20 years’ experience in lift manufacturing, has created a range of truss tower lifts specifically designed for vertical lifting of PA, Line Array, Audio Structures and Systems for the professional sound and light sector.

With multiple brands of lifts on the market, including the likes of Genie and Sumner, you may question the appeal of Kuzar. For this reason, we have decided to take you through the main differences, and most importantly benefits, that Kuzar offers over that of its competitors.

Ease of Use

One of the main features of Kuzar’s line of lifts is their ease of use both in terms of manoeuvring and set-up.

Mounted to the base of these lifts are 4 legs, each of which has an adjustable stabiliser plate with non-slip rubber base support. On some models such as the K-31 (a Line Array Tower Lift), a swivel wheel is also attached to each leg, allowing it to be easily and swiftly moved from one location to another.

While many competitor lifts including Genie and Sumner have similar features, what sets Kuzar lifts apart is their built-in Kuzar Automatic Trigger (KAT). This system automatically slots into the lift sections during elevation locking them into place and protecting loads in the unlikely case that a cable is broken.

Kuzar Tower Lift K-31

Kuzar Line Array Tower Lift K-31

Work Made Simple

With a weight of roughly 242 lbs, and a folded height of 6’ 13’’, the compact shape of Kuzar’s K-31 makes for easy transportation, fitting perfectly into the back of a van. While Genie’s Super Tower Lift ST-25 and Sumner’s Eventer 20 both fold to a similar height as the K-31, they weigh considerably more, with Sumner’s lift doubling that of Kuzar’s at 469 lbs. Therefore, due to the additional weight of these lifts, transportation of these bulkier items is made that bit more difficult, requiring the use of a box truck at minimum.

Having such a compact and manoeuvrable build, Kuzar’s range of lifts require less labor during manoeuvring and can be set up quicker than their competitors.

Cost Saving

The simplicity involved with transporting Kuzar lifts not only reduces labor requirements, but also leads to considerable cost savings through reduced labor and transport costs. What’s more, the selling price of Kuzar lifts is also significantly less than that of their competitors. While Kuzar’s K-31 retails for $1,833.67, Genie’s Super Tower Lift ST-25 and Sumner’s Eventer 20 are both double this price, retailing for $5,800 and $4,151.25 respectively.

Kuzar lifts unquestionably offer the best value for money.


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