Tomcat truss and base plates a standard of reliability and compatibility

The truss and base plate are the foundation of any great show or event. At, we trust just the leading industry professionals to help you bring your dream to a reality. Tomcat is one of these leading brands, and we are proud to sell their products in our online store. The Tomcat truss and Tomcat truss base plates are a necessity for your event setup.

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Tomcat – Strength Under Pressure

Innovation has driven Tomcat since their founding in 1987. They first became the industry leader for trussing items for the rock-and-roll industry and soon moved into manufacturing portable outdoor roof systems.

Known for their reliability and compatibility, Tomcat engineers their products in the USA and manufactures them exclusively in Knoxville, TN. With “durable, tested, trusted” solutions, their products perform in the most demanding applications and are trusted by many in the industry.

They joined the Milos Group—the largest manufacturer of trussing and support structures in the world—in 2012. Last year, we announced that we added the Tomcat truss for sale on our store, and they have done nothing but impress us ever since.

Tomcat truss and base plates

With products made only with mill-certified materials, they utilize only AWS certified welders to make everything from their Tomcat truss to their base plates.

Made from aluminum, these trusses are lightweight but strong. They are suitable for various applications and settings, from small venue work to flying PA systems. We carry the following Tomcat Trusses available in different lengths to suit your needs:

Tomcat Light Duty Truss 12 x 12 Plated

Tomcat Light Duty Truss 12 x 12 Plated

When shopping these products on our site, be sure to pair Tomcat trusses with Tomcat base plates for the best compatibility. Shop these Tomcat truss base plates for the best performance:

Tomcat Trade Show Base Plate 30 X 30 Medium Duty

Tomcat Trade Show Base Plate 30 X 30 Medium Duty

    From trusses to base plates, trust Tomcat for all your production needs! is your go-to place for the top brands and products.