Rock Exotica keeps you Safe in Professional & Recreational Rope Access

In the field of professional and recreational rope access, only the best equipment can be trusted. When working, playing, and performing rope access rescue jobs at height, you cannot risk cheap or faulty equipment. Your life—and those you may be rescuing—depend on it, but we didn’t need to tell you that. What we do need to tell you is that Rock Exotica is one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

With over 28 years in the business, Rock Exotica has been making unique and quality products for climbers. With their premier products, safety and quality are present in every detail. When safety is paramount, you can’t compromise on equipment that could mean the difference between life or death.

Who is Rock Exotica?

Having started in a garage, Rock Exotica has grown exponentially over the years and have the support of various climbers and companies, including ours. Utah-based Rock Exotica focuses on making quality products over marketing products made by sourced manufacturers. As a result, they manufacture some of the most innovative equipment in the industry, and you can find their best products in our store.

Rock Exotica is owned by Rock Thompson, an avid climber who was always interested in experimenting with magic knots and “developing something better” for climbers. That mission translated directly into his business. As experienced climbers, they know the importance of quality material you trust your lives with.

Why you need the best rope access gear

Despite warning signs posted at high-risk areas, adventurers often find themselves in situations where a rope access professional is needed to come to the rescue. Take for, instance, rope access professionals who were preparing for rescues after reopening hiking trails in Oregon. After a forest fire, trails are exposed to rock and mudslides, tree fall, and other dangers, which can lead to an increase in rope access rescues in the area.

What makes Rock Exotica stand out from the rest is their hands-on approach—products made for climbers by climbers. In this industry, safety is the number one concern among professionals, and Rock Exotica equipment is top-of-the line. You cannot risk your life with less-than-perfect products. Using their products will ensure safety and effective missions time and time again.

Rope access gear made for you

When putting together your rope access equipment list, Rock Exotica products are a must-have. Their selection of hardware for rope access covers everything from carabiners to pulleys. All these products work together to ensure your safe and efficient ascent and decent. The Rock Exotica Transporter Carabiner is designed as a harness “tool-holder” which has an optional locking feature. This will enable you to either keep it unlocked to remove tools quickly or lock it to avoid snagging unwanted items. With a winged gate, access with gloves is easier than ever.

The Rock Exotica Aztek Kit is a great addition to your rope access equipment list. This kit can be configured as a 5:1 or 4:1 with a redirect by just rotating the system. Packaged with the Standard Leg Bag, this kit includes the Aztek pully system with color-coded pulleys to match a corresponding prusik.

If you’re in search of a 3-hole ringplate, look no further than the Rock Exotica TriRig. Weighing in at less than a locking carabiner, the TriRing features numbered holes to assist with detailed rigging and is certified CE, NFPA "G."


 Rock Exotica Aztek Kit





No matter your recreational or professional rope access needs, Rock Exotica has the rope access gear you need to operate safely. Shop their best equipment, including braking devices, anchorage connections, and more at today!