Petzl Ascenders: Take Your Climbing to the Next Level

Climbing can be difficult, and ascenders can help make things a little easier for you. Whether you’re climbing a high, snowy peak or rescuing a lost hiker, Petzl ascenders are some of the best in the business, and we sell only the best here at

Petzl ascenders slide up the rope but they won’t slide back down, giving you a mechanical advantage to help you gain progress on your climb. Petzl’s designs are comfortable and easy to use so you can focus more on the climb, getting the job done as soon as possible.

Selecting the correct climbing equipment can make all the difference in your work and play. You want to ensure that you’re buying the best-made equipment, for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Choose any of these Petzl climbing products for a better climbing experience!

Designed for comfort

All Petzl ascenders are ergonomic, easy to use, and a necessity for your climbing gear. The Ascension rope clamp features a wide lower hole for two carabiner attachments and is compatible with 8-13 mm ropes.

The Petzl Ascentree features a wide opening for easy handling and is for use with either Pantin foot ascenders or by using the foot-lock technique. It’s lightweight and also compatible with 8-13 mm ropes.

If you’re looking for a foot ascender, the Panton is a great option, available in both right- and left-foot versions. Compatible with 8-13 mm ropes, this foot ascender compliments the Croll, Ascension, or Basic ascenders.

The Croll Petzl ascender is compact, lightweight, and works amazingly on fixed lines. Used with the Basic and Ascension ascenders, this product performs under any conditions, including frozen or muddy ropes between 8 and 11 cm.

The Petzl Zigzag 2 Mechanical Prusik

This classic Prusik pulley system, ideal for arborists, allows for easy movement around trees and mounts on sealed ball bearings. Slack is taken up easily and this durable piece of safety equipment is only for use on doubled ropes.

The Petzl Zigzag 2 allows you both to ascent and descend, quickly, adapting to your job and movement needs. To descend, you just need to adjust the pressure of the spring-mounted release lever. Watch it in action here:

Petzl ascenders are some of the best in the field, and you’ve come to the right place to take your climbing to the next level. Shop MTN SHOP today for the best in all climbing equipment!