MTN Shop Expands Entertainment Offerings to Include Film Equipment from Matthews Studio Equipment

For over thirty years, the Mountain team has been leading the industry in live event production. Entertainment is our specialty and our passion, and we are proud to announce that we have broadened our range of products to include the important base elements of film production.

Matthews Studio Equipment is one of the biggest names in the industry, manufacturing high-quality and reliable equipment for professional production. At MTN Shop, we carry only the best gear, which is why we’re honored to now stock Mathews Screen Equipment.

For the modern-day film maker, having the right studio gear and film equipment is a necessity. Whether you’re looking to make documentary shorts or feature-length movies, all good sets need a strong support system—from stands and booms to storage and grip hardware, such as carabiner grips.

Here is a look at some of the many products MTN Shop now carries to support the film industry.


Essential film equipment from MTN Shop for all your film maker needs

Stands & Booms

Film stands and booms are a grip’s best friend and C-stands are the most commonly used item during film and video production. Also known as Century Stands, Grip Stands, or Gobo Stands, these can be used to position light modifiers, including flags and other softgoods. C stands have a unique leg design that allows for “nesting” several stands within a small amount of space. Having the right stand—and therefore lighting—can really help set the scene when it comes to film and entertainment production.  

Grip Hardware

Grips are vitally important to the flow of a production and grip hardware makes studio magic possible. Clamps, mounts, adapters, apple boxes, and other pieces of hardware all have the ability to completely transform a film—especially when it comes to rigging.


When you have all the right equipment, you want it safe and easily accessible. Proper storage can save you time and money. From our tough and versatile road case MTN BOX® to MSE kit bags, protect your investments both on and off set.  


For all your film maker and production needs, head over to MTN Shop.