Unleash the Power of Mobility with Vestil Manufacturing Corp's Carts and Dollies

We're proud to announce that we are adding Vestil Manufacturing Corp to our esteemed line of brands. Vestil Manufacturing is an industry leader in the manufacturing and distributing of material handling equipment to help your business move and lift heavy objects in an easier, more ergonomic manner to assist in streamlining business operations.

Both carts and dollies are essential tools for reducing the risk of injury and making tasks like material handling and relocation more efficient. Take a look at some of Vestil carts and dollies that are now available at MTN SHOP:



Carts are usually four-wheeled vehicles with a flat platform or basket on top. They are primarily used for carrying loads like boxes, tools, supplies, and other items within a workplace, or even in shopping malls or airports for moving luggage or goods and are used by manually pushing or pulling, some are even motorized for shifting heavier items.


Vestil Appliance Carts

Appliance Carts are ideal for moving heavier, more bulkier appliances and awkward loads. A strap and tension bar are included with this unit to hold the product in place while transporting up or down stairways, hills, or uneven surfaces. The Vestil Appliance Cart features a robust design can move and maneuver extremely heavy loads (up to 1200lbs!) such as vending machines throughout the workplace with ease. 



Vestil Manufacturing Corp Appliance Cart


Take a look at the Vestil Appliance Cart in action, easily moving a washing machine with ease:



Vestil Panel Cart

The Vestil Panel Cart is perfect for handling items such as sheets of panelling, plywood, doors and lumber. A removeable plastic basket is also integrated onto the cart to allow for transporting smaller items. This Panel Cart also provides exceptional durability with its all-steel construction and powder coat finish for maximum strength and quality.



Vestil Manufacturing Corp Panel Cart


Vestil Manufacturing Corp Flat Bed Cart

This heavy-duty flat bed cart is designed for long term use in commercial, warehouse and industrial settings. This cart features a removeable handle for resourceful & easier storage alongside a centre caster that provides great maneuverability and ease of use for the operator.


Vestil Manufacturing Corp Flat Bed Cart



Dollies are typically smaller than carts and feature two-wheels and a flat surface or frame for placing objects on top. They are typically used for moving more heavier or industrial items.


Vestil All-Terrain Dollies

Vestil’s All Terrain Dollies are uniquely versatile as they are equipped with features that make them suitable for outdoor or challenging conditions as well lifting heavier, bulkier items indoors or on flat surfaces. This device features large, oversized wheels to give the unit and any material on board a smooth vessel to move goods in between areas to prevent breakage. The plates featured on this dolly act as a barrier for items to fit comfortably on it, and when the plates are down, it allows room for any oversized products that are too long or wide to fit perfectly square onto the platform. This dolly also features an open design which allows the user to attach a pulling device to make the moving experience easier for the handler.


Vestil All-Terrain Dollies



Vestil Plastic Dollies

Unlike wood dollies, the Vestil Plastic Dolly will not rot, warp, dent, or splinter, and features a lightweight, yet strong construction, being crafted from high-quality polyethylene.


Vestil Manufacturing Corp Plastic Dollies


This Dolly is ideal for the food service industry as it is easy to clean and sanitize and is generally safe for use when transporting items up and down stairs, perfect for both experienced and inexperienced users.


Vestil Manufacturing Corp Plastic Dollies


Vestil Plastic Dolly with Handle

Vestils wide rage of dollies doesn’t just stop at heavy duty applications, the Plastic Dolly is perfect for moving office equipment such as crates, boxes and furniture with ease! This dolly comes with an ergonomic handle that makes transportation within smaller spaces easier!


Vestil Manufacturing Corp Plastic Dolly with Handle


Vestil Keg Transport Dolly

With Vestil's Keg Dolly, moving heavy kegs is no longer strenuous work. A low profile design places the dolly low to the ground for simple loading and unloading. The circular design includes three casters to move through many different types of surfaces as well as maneuver into exact positions.


Vestil Manufacturing Corp Keg Transport Dolly


The Keg Dolly is the perfect addition to those working in the hospitality industry, specifically in bars where beer is sold. This dolly can help prevent workplace injuries to those who often lift heavy kegs, promoting safety for your business. A Keg Dolly may also find use in the agricultural industry to store pesticides or fertiliser safely.


Vestil Manufacturing Corp Keg Transport Dolly

Why Use Carts and Dollies?


Increased Efficiency: Dollies and carts can significantly improve efficiency by reducing the physical effort required to move heavy or bulky items. This can lead to faster and more productive material handling.


Safety: Dollies and carts are designed with safety in mind, offering stability and control when transporting items. This reduces the risk of accidents and injuries associated with manual lifting and carrying.


Space Optimization: Carts and dollies help optimize space by efficiently moving items, which can be especially valuable in crowded or confined areas like warehouses or retail environments.


Cost Effective: While there is an initial investment in purchasing dollies and carts, the long-term cost savings through improved productivity and reduced labor costs can be significant.


Versatility: Dollies and carts come in various types and configurations, allowing them to handle a wide range of items, from boxes and equipment to furniture and appliances. They can be adapted to suit the specific needs of your business.


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Vestil Manufacturing Corp's dollies and carts are more than just tools for moving things around; they are integral to improving the efficiency, productivity, and safety of your operations. Visit MTN SHOP today for more information on how you can streamline your business operations!