Set the scene with MSE lighting control and softgoods

Whether you’re capturing a scene for photos, videos, or film, or are showcasing a live performance, good lighting is essential. Having the right lighting equipment, such as c-stands to help position your lights, is just one part of the process. Additionally, you need other elements in your lighting kit to modify the lights into the perfect scene.

You can achieve the perfect scene, no matter your medium, with the help of Matthews Studio Equipment lighting control and softgoods.

When it comes to film and video production, lighting is especially important because cameras do not respond to light the same way as the human eye does. Besides the technical need to create definition on the camera, lighting ties directly into how the audience responds. Whether you’re looking to add drama, soften an actor’s features, or are looking to add sunlight into a location where the sun isn’t shining, Matthews scrims, flags, and reflectors give you complete, dependable control.

Reduce Light Intensity with MSE Stage Scrims and Flags

Scrims are a convenient way to modify the properties of light and reduce harshness and intensity. Scrim material itself can vary, but these thin screens play an important role in film and television, photography, and theatre.  

At MTN, we carry a variety of Matthews 48" x 48" Solid Frame Scrims in various materials and layers. Matthews makes all solid frame scrims with 3/8" thin wall tubing and a solid rod mounting pin.

Here is what you can expect from the different types of MSE scrim material:

  • White fabric produces ambient bounce whereas black does not.
  • Lavender screen is a sheer fabric that only slightly reduces light with no ambient bounce.
  • A double scrim has two layers of material to reduce light further.
  • Triple scrims provide the greatest light reduction with three layers.

Besides scrims, we also carry a variety of Matthews Flags for both natural and artificial light control. They can also be used to protect the camera lens from flares, to control spill light from other sources, or to keep light from reaching certain areas on the set.

Matthew’s Combo Scrim / Flag Survival Kit is an inclusive light-shaping kit to soften and diminish your light output. This kit contains light-shaping scrims and flags of different densities, diffusers, and cucolorises for casting shadows.

Matthew Studio Equipment-combo-scrim-flag-survival-kit

Matthew’s Combo Scrim / Flag Survival Kit

Light Modification on the Go

For the photographer/videographer on the go, Matthews RoadRags is a new, patented, portable lighting modification system so you can quickly and easily duplicate studio lighting effects on location using your portable lights.

These systems consist of two folding 18"x 24" frames, single scrim, double scrim, artificial silk, and flag with a convenient carrying bag.

Matthew’s RoadRags

Matthews RoadRags

Control Your Light with MSE Reflectors

When you’re not looking to diffuse light, but would like to redirect it, the Matthews Standard 42" x 42" Reflector with Yoke Brake fits the bill. This aluminum light reflector is ideal for redirecting light towards a subject or scene. It can also be used to bounce sunlight to a location where there is no sun.

Available in both silver and gold, the MSE Standard Reflector has a shiny paper on the "hard" side and leaf squares on the "soft side." The shiny side os for hard light while the leaf squares are for soft light. The yoke has a 1-1/8” pin to fit a combo stand.

Matthews reflector with york brake

Mattews Standard 42'' x 42'' Reflector with Yoke Brake

A Three-in-one MSE Solution

If you find yourself needing to control light by blacking out a window, the Matthews Sound Blanket with Grommets can do just that and more. You can easily hang these sound blankets and connect multiple ones with the help of their sturdy grommets. Use these to control light, add sound insulation, and even protect your equipment during transportation.

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