Kupo Grip Equipment: Never Let Go of That Light

When it comes to film, television, and theater, there’s more to lighting that just, well, light. Appropriate lightening doesn’t simply enable the audience to properly view your production, although that certainly is important. Lighting can drastically affect the mood, adding softness or drama. It can create shadows that add depth and even horror to an otherwise ordinary scene.

Given the importance of light when it comes to visual storytelling, you don’t want subpar grip equipment. When you’re looking for quality C-Stands, clamps, and other lighting equipment, you can’t go wrong with Kupo Grip’s professional lighting support and grip equipment.  

Kupo Grip Equipment

Kupo Grip was established in 2000. For nearly twenty years, they have been Asia’s leading manufacturer of light stands and grip equipment. Their excellence is recognized globally, too. Kupo Grip is a global leader in the lighting and film equipment industries for both photo and video. Whether you’re a professional portrait photographer or work in film production, Kupo Grip’s wide range of innovative products are both designed and engineered to strict quality standards.

Kupo C-Stands

Known as the Century Stand, C-Stands are arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment when it comes to productions. It’s particularly popular on television and film sets because of its versatility.  Kupo C-Stands can be used to hold light, support bounce boards, position reflectors, and block light with flags. 

At MTN Shop, we offer two different Kupo C-Stands to suit your lighting needs: the 20" Master C-Stand with Turtle Base and the 40” Turtle Base Kit.


Master C-Stands

The Kupo Master C-Stand with sliding base has two legs that are spring loaded to open in fixed positions, while the third leg is height adjustable by loosening a locking knob and sliding it up and down the main riser section. This enables you to raise one leg higher than the others to level out the stand on an incline or uneven terrain- It can even be used on steps! A turtle base is removeable and ideal for setting up lights close to the ground. 

Kupo’s 20" Master C-Stand with Turtle Base offers all the benefits of a strong and flexible C-Stand with a 20" double riser and turtle base. This stand can be used on its own or in combination with a grip head and grip arm. This 20" double riser stand has two telescoping risers and one main section for a total of 68". This stand has a minimum extension of 36.81”, a maximum extension of 68.11”, and a maximum load of 22lbs.



The Kupo 40 Turtle Base Kit includes a stand, 2.5" grip head , and 40" grip arm with hex stud. The 40" grip arm with hex stud is a 2 1/2" grip head mounted on the end of a 40" piece of steel tubing (5/8" diameter) and finished with a faceted hex stud to keep lighting fixtures in position when they are placed on the end of the arm. The 2 1/2" grip head consists of a pair of rotating aluminum discs attached to a 5/8" receiver. The discs have four different sized "V" shaped jaws to accept accessories with a mounting stud or tubing ranging from 1/4" to 1/2". The 2 1/2" grip head features an oversized ergonomic "T" handle and dedicated roller bearings designed for maximum torque. This stand has a minimum extension of 52.76”, a maximum extension of 116.73”, and a maximum load capacity of 22lbs.

Grip Equipment for Better Lighting

Part of the C-Stand’s popularity lies in its versatility. Kupo grip makes a number of accessories for use with their C-Stands to give you maximum potential, including adapters, clamps, grip heads, and floor stand bases. Here are a few of the products available at MTN Shop for use with your Kupo C-Stand.

Kupo Clamps

While a clamp seems like such a simple thing, the convi clamp is actually the foundation for an entire grip system. This all-metal clamp is made from a lightweight yet strong alloy that will support loads of up to 44 lbs, even though the clamp itself measures less than 5”. The convi clamp features a hexagonal receiver that accepts dozens of Convi accessories so you can mount almost any light fixture, camera, or accessory. Its jaw extends from 0.2 - 2.0” in diameter.


The only thing better than the convi clamp is the convi clamp kit. This package contains a black all-metal convi clamp with a hex stud to mount numerous items right out of the box.


Runway Stand Base

Turtle stands have the benefit of a removeable base that is particularly convenient for storage and travel. The other benefit of a removable base is swapping it out for a different type. The Kupo Runway Stand Base is a compact yet incredibly strong wheeled base option. Attach a C-Stand riser section to make your lighting mobile! You can also use a stand adapter for a low mounting position, or any piece of grip equipment with a junior pin.

You can find all Kupo Grip products, as well as all entertainment production equipment at shopmtn.com.