Kong Safety Helmets Bring Italian Tradition to Global Safety Standards

For the average American, one of Italy’s biggest claims to fame might just be its food—or perhaps its wine. But for those who either work or play at height, they know that one of Italy’s greatest exports is Kong safety products.

Leaders in safety helmets and climbing gear since 1830

Kong’s long and impressive history starts in 1830 inside a workshop at the foot of the Alps. While the 19th century lacked the safety standards we currently uphold today, Giuseppe Bonaiti thought differently. His desire to provide maximum protection for human lives, particularly when climbing peaks, formed the backbone for a company whose products remain verticality essentials.

In 1977, the Bonaiti company changed its name to Kong. What hasn’t changed, however, is their mission. Every one of their products, ranging from carabiners (or connectors) to protective helmets is manufactured and tested in Monte Marenzo (LC), Italy. Every piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) undergoes rigorous testing and inspections to ensure functionality before being delivered all over the world.

Given their past and future evolution of safety, the Mountain Productions team is proud to both use and stock Kong safety gear in our MTN Shop.


Protective helmets for the professional and adventurer

Whether you’re working at height, building construction, climbing, or caving, Kong hard hats put your safety and comfort first.

Safety helmets are one of the most important elements for anyone working at height or in industrial settings that require a hard hat. Kong offers a variety of helmets to meet the individual needs of various industries. All Kong work helmets conform to CE EN 397 standards while climbing safety helmets for mountaineering conform to CEN TC.136 standards.


The Mouse Work Helmet is an ideal safety helmet for anyone working at height, participating in industrial activities, or building construction. It is a lightweight hard hat that maintains comfort with the help of ventilation and a wheel adjustment system. The Mouse is not quiet in regard to its variety of beneficial features. It has clips for mounting headlamps. Pre-drilled holes mean you can easily install a visor, ear muffs, and radio. The Mouse Work Helmet is available in a variety of colors, including high visibility and reflective versions.

Kong Safety Helmet: Mouse Work Helmet



The Spin ANSI is Kong’s newest professional shock-absorbing helmet. It conforms to ANSI Z89.1-2009 standards, meaning it meets the specs for industrial hard hats. Comfortable and well-ventilated, the Spin is perfect for anyone involved in rope access and work activities relating to scaffolding and trestles, metal structures, arboriculture, sailboats, and more. Customize the helmet for your professional needs by mounting optional visor and headphones using the integrated clasp on the shell.



While the Finn style Kong safety helmet has been discontinued by the manufacturer, you can still find a limited number available online at shopmtn.com. It’s a sturdy, reliable helmet ideal for working at heights for industrial and rescue applications. It features an adjustment system, removable headband, slots for hearing protection, headlamp clips, and more. It is certified to meet ANSI Z89.1-2009 hard hat specifications.




Much like its professional equivalent, the Mouse Sport climbing helmet is light, comfortable, and well-ventilated. It’s the ideal choice for mountaineering, rock climbing, via ferrata, and adventure parks. Without compromising on safety, this climbing helmet won’t weigh you down. It is available in a variety of colors, including high visibility with reflective stickers.




Never compromise on safety. Explore all Kong protective helmets at shopmtn.com