Only one road case can meet the rigorous demands of the entertainment industry

When you’re hitting the road with valuable equipment, storage is a major factor. More specifically, you need protective storage. Production jobs that require heavy travel need road cases that can meet the rugged demands of such work, but truly reliable cases have only been available for the past few years.

As an experienced production company, we know just how important proper storage and transport are for protecting gear. That’s why when we felt that none of the available options were on par with our needs, we felt it hard.

The problem with the standard ATA cases (or flight cases) is that they cannot withstand the harsh environments our crews are subjected to day in and day out; namely, outdoor weather and frequent heavy travel. Subsequently, we were dealing with equipment damage and much shorter service intervals.

So in 2010, we decided to build our solution from the ground up. 

Enter the MTN BOX

Our rigging, engineering, and production departments set out to make a road case that was both more durable and more versatile—one that our crew could rely on time and time again. Designing a case that truly catered to the rugged nature of production needs was no easy task. It took extensive research throughout several years until we came up with something that our supervisors on the road approved of.

In 2014, we completely reinvented the way production houses store and transport equipment with the MTN Box.

A Truly Custom Road Case

In creating a truly unique road case, we knew we needed to first think inside the box as well as outside the box. The MTN BOX’s shell is constructed of 90% post-industrial recycled material and built for the long haul. We specifically chose to manufacture these cases using the rotational molding process. This process maintains the MTN BOX’s strength and durability because there are only two main components: the lid and the case body. It also creates less waste. 

Because every industry professional has different needs when it comes to a practical road case, we kept customization at the forefront of our design. And while we originally created the MTN BOX for the entertainment industry, its ability to accommodate a wide variety of equipment is beneficial to any worker, in any industry, searching for the perfect way to protect their gear.

The MTN BOX is currently available in two sizes to meet your demands: the original Spektrum Series LG and the smaller Spektrum Series SM. Both plastic road cases have a steel recessed frame, spring-loaded handles, heavy duty swivel casters, and molded caster cups on the lid to prevent stacked cases from moving during transportation. The Spektrum Series LG measures 48” long, 24” wide, and 32.5” tall. The more compact Spektrum Series SM case measures 30” long, 24” wide, and 32.5” tall and is perfect for truck packs in 102" trailers and smaller box trucks.

All components, parts, and hardware are sold separately as replacement parts so you can get the exact configurations you need. Create your custom road case with one of our Spektrum Series LG insert packages. We’ve put together various insert packages that cover a wide range of applications, including storage for chain hoists, rigging, fall protection, tools, and much more.

The innovative MTN BOX insert system can truly conform to your needs, no matter what those might be. Inserts can be combined to form unique storage grids for the ultimate organizational freedom. Want to re-use your MTN BOX for different equipment? Our inserts are easily removed, leaving no residue or marks on your case.

With MTN BOX, you can get creative, get practical, and get moving.

Guaranteed #MTNSTRONG

We built MTN BOX to last. The super strong polyethylene resin is resistant to chemicals, heat, dust, and moisture. All hardware is heavy-duty for optimal strength. However, in the event of damage, all hardware is replaceable, so your MTN BOX can live a long life.

While this rugged case will last as long as you need it, it is recyclable for when the time comes to part ways. Simply look to see if your local recycling center accepts LMDPE (Linear Medium Density Polyethylene) plastic.

Wondering if you should join the #MTNSTRONG movement? Some of the most reputable names in the industry trust the MTN BOX protect, transport and store their equipment. As our list of valued customers grows, we use client feedback to continually improve our MTN BOX road cases.

Here are some companies that currently use the MTN BOX:


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The MTN Box changed the road case