What Industries Can Utilize a GRABO Lifter?

In the dynamic landscape of the trades industry, where precision, efficiency, and reliability are non-negotiable, the choice of tools can make all the difference. Enter GRABO, a game-changer in the realm of tools. From conquering challenging installations to streamlining everyday tasks, GRABO has emerged as the go-to solution for those who demand excellence in their lifting applications.

Let's delve into the world of GRABO and explore how this innovative line of tools has become an indispensable asset for professionals in the trades industry.

GRABO's Endless Lifting Capabilities

GRABO tools boast exceptional versatility and can lift a wide range of heavy materials and objects weighing up to 170kg. While the following examples highlight some common applications, there are countless innovative ways to utilize GRABO lifting tools.


  • Placing Large Format Tiles: Bathroom and kitchen installations can benefit from GRABO tools, ensuring accurate ceramic and porcelain tile placement while reducing the strain associated with repetitive tasks.
  • Installing Marble and Granite Kitchen Worktops: Safely transporting and lifting heavy surfaces like granite worktops minimises the risk of damage, a crucial consideration given their cost and susceptibility to transit-related breakages.
  • Lifting Rough Slate and Concrete: GRABO tools can even handle lifting concrete, including rough slate and dusty materials, simplifying otherwise challenging tasks.
  • Lifting Metal Sheets: Ideal for moving large or heavy metal pieces including patterned steel. The GRABO Rock Seal attachment further extends users capabilities to handle uneven materials with variations up to 10mm.
  • Moving Large Appliances: The GRABO provides a secure handle for moving appliances like washing machines and fridge freezers, making this otherwise cumbersome and finger-crushing task much easier and safer.
  • Moving Furniture: Attaching a GRABO lifting tool to a chest of drawers or a TV cabinet provides an additional handhold, enabling a more secure and ergonomic lifting position. This reduces the risk of accidents, such as tripping or muscle strains.


Let's dive deeper into how GRABO tools are an excellent lifting companion for trades professionals:


Trades Professionals

GRABO Tools are made to simplify the challenges associated with heavy lifting, making them an essential tool in the trades industry. Providing increased workplace productivity and safety of workers, numerous builders and construction experts have experienced remarkable improvements in efficiency across a spectrum of tasks, including masonry, paving, tiling, countertop installation, drywall placement and flooring projects,


Tiles and Floor Panels

Flooring workers have found GRABO to be the perfect tool for easy picking and precise placement of tiles and even patterned slates of any size. Whether you’re laying flooring or covering walls, this powerful tool minimizes the risk of damage to expensive materials and maximizes efficiency, all while reducing physical workload.


Multiple GRABOs in-use together lifting hardwood flooring


Pavers and Concrete Blocks

Moving large concrete blocks and outdoor pavers is a daunting task, requiring a lot of labor and man-hours. It is routine for construction workers to remove old walls, pieces of broken concrete and large blocks during landscaping, demolition and construction site preparation. GRABO has made these overwhelming chores significantly easier.


GRABO in-use lifting a large concrete block


Dusty Glass Installation

Traditional thumb-action suction cups are commonly used in glass installation, but they face limitations. These non-powered suction cups struggle on textured glass and become unreliable when dealing with dusty surfaces. This unreliability not only prolongs the time needed for movement, handling, and installation but also poses a risk of financial losses.

GRABO is the solution to this pressing issue. Equipped with suction pumps, the GRABO tool ensures constant and even suction. This feature allows the tool to maintain its position without air escaping through micro-channels or being hindered by dust particles. As a result, Glass Installers are swiftly adopting GRABO as a go-to tool for securing large and valuable glass pieces, saving time by eliminating the need for pre-cleaning the glass surface.


GRABO in-use lifting a glass frame


Outdoor Paving and Landscaping

Paving stones, made from various materials like brick, concrete, or marble, are thicker and have a rougher surface compared to ceramic tiles. Due to their porous nature and heavy mass, regular suction cups don't work well with these pavers. GRABO, however, is effective with most types of pavers, even those with patterns or slight porosity. More and more companies are switching to GRABO for paving sidewalks, patios, driveways and much more as due to their safety, efficiency and cost controls.


GRABO in-use lifting a large paving stone


Drywall and Wood Panels

The GRABO Nemo is the only suction lifter worldwide that can attach to porous building panels like plywood, drywall, and gypsum board. It simplifies the process of picking up and placing large boards – just a click of a button, and it magically grabs the board.

Using the GRABO Nemo lowers the risk of back injuries and enables workers to carry panels in an ergonomic way. The GRABO Nemo even allows a single worker to effortlessly pick up, place, and release boards with one hand, leaving the other hand free to hold a screw gun. This makes carrying panels more comfortable, eases strain on the back, and lets a single worker handle tasks that would typically require two workers, saving on labor costs!


GRABO Nemo in-use lifting a large panel single handedly


GRABO Lifting Tools available at MTN SHOP

Now that you are aware of how GRABO tools can assist in lifting operations at work, take a look at some of the GRABO lifting products that are available at MTN SHOP!

The GRABO Nemo

The Grabo Nemo is a revolutionary tool that prides itself on being able to lift almost anything, working specifically well with materials such as metals, concrete, granite, glass, cardboard or plastic of any type. This versatility, alongside its lifting ability of up to 375 lbs, makes the Nemo a top-choice in many industries. The Grabo Nemo also offers ease of use like many of Grabo's products. Simply push the green button to activate the vacuum and suction cups, and the red button to release the item after carrying out your lifting task.

There are two different ways to use your Nemo, as it provides the ability to lift items both perpendicularly and parallel. To use your Grabo Nemo safely, you must consider the type and weight of the item when choosing your lifting angle.


Material Perpendicular Parallel
Glass 375lbs (170kg) 265lbs (120kg)
Ceramic Tiles 375lbs (170kg) 265lbs (120kg)
Metal 242lbs (110kg) 242lbs (110kg)
Plastic 220lbs (100kg) 220lbs (100kg)
Wood 220lbs (100kg) 143lbs (65kg)
Rough Slate 176lbs (80kg) 176lbs (80kg)
Rough Concrete 176lbs (80kg) 176lbs (80kg)
Dry Wall 165lbs (75kg) 143lbs (65kg)



Grabo Nemo In-Use (Perpendicular Hold)      


Grabo Nemo In-Use (Parallel Hold)



The OTTOVAC is a brand new power tool that is going to change the way glaziers move and install glass or any smooth flat surface. It is a portable electric vacuum cup that presents itself in a traditional pump action style cup. The OTTOVAC sticks onto your material with just the push of a button, and can also release pressure with that same button. Like the PRO Lifter, it also comes equipped with an automatic on/off sensor. When the vacuum in the base of the suction cup reaches -55 kPa, the pump will automatically stop after a three-second delay. The OTTOVAC can safely hold up to 330 lbs and is powered by a high-performance Lithium Ion Battery that is specially engineered to deliver optimal power and reliability to your device. This battery pack comprises of two single cell 18500 Li-ion batteries, ensuring an efficient and long-lasting power source for your work tasks. 

Charging the OTTOVAC Lithium lon Battery is a breeze. Simply connect it to a Type C USB cable, and you can conveniently recharge it from various power sources such as your computer, wall adapter, or power bank. This versatility ensures that you can power up your battery wherever you are, providing flexibility and convenience.

Similar to the Grabo Nemo, you can utilize this device in both perpendicular and parallel lifting applications. However, like always, you must consider the type of item and weight when choosing your lifting angle.




The GRABO Pro Lifter 20

The Grabo PRO Lifter 20 is a game-changer in the world of lifting and handling heavy objects. This portable, cordless lifter utilizes a powerful vacuum system to secure and lift items weighing up to 375lbs. The PRO Lifter 20 also offers ease of use for operators. The Grabo PRO Lifter delivers an equally simple lifting process on both coarse and smooth surfaces, making it a versatile choice. The "20" in the name represents its innovative vacuum pump feature that holds the capacity of 20 liters per minute. This allows you to carry out tasks safer, without worrying about suction cups becoming loose throughout the process, essentially doubling your work efficiency! 

This tool is ergonomically designed with a slimmer handle to provide better grip and less fatigue when moving heavy objects, working perfectly with glass, wood, ceramic tiles or metals, allowing for use in many different industries. The handle also features a digital display that shows the maximum weight that it can hold in that moment, allowing for an even safer and efficient process, it is also equipped with a smart digital pressure sensor which makes it even more effective on different surfaces. The sensor automatically provides for the optimum level of suction, keeping objects in complete control whether the object is being lifted or even during movement, allowing for precision handling. You also don't need to worry about turning the PRO Lifter on or off, as the pressure sensor will do that for you! However, with objects of a lighter weight, you have the option to turn it off manually by pressing the red vacuum release button.

The Grabo PRO Lifter takes just two hours for a full charge. On a full charge, this powerful battery can last for 1.5 hours of non-stop running, and when on standby mode, it can last for up to 30 days!



 The GRABO Pro Lifter 20



GRABO tools are changing the way material handling is executed in many different industries, alongside providing more safety for operators and essentially doubling workplace productivity. We offer FREE SHIPPING on these three GRABO Tools listed above at MTN SHOP, so don't miss your chance to introduce your business to the future of material handling and precision lifting!