Get Your Garden in Gear: MTN’s Seasonal Checklist with Corona

If the winter weather really got you down this year, you’re not alone. Just take a look outside: between the gusts of wind, record snowfalls, and other wintry elements, mother nature needs a bit of pick-me-up herself.

Here’s how you can give your lawn and garden the ultimate spa day.

Top Summer Yard Maintenance Tips


1. Rake your lawn

Fall isn’t the only time you should bring out the rake. Give your lawn a clean slate by removing lingering fall leaves and dead grass blades leftover from winter. Raking will also loosen matted grass clumps caused by winter weather.

Corona's steel Spring Brace Rake is perfect for this job.

2. Cut hanging limbs


Summer thunderstorms can bring down tree limbs and do a lot of damage. Eliminate some of the risk by cutting away dead, hanging limbs from your trees.

You might have luck with the dual compound action tree pruner, curved pruning saw, or orchard lopper.

3. Trim Bushes and Vines

Trimming your bushes not only adds appeal for landscaping aesthetics, but it also eliminates potential hiding places for unwanted critters. If you have vines growing up or around your house, it’s important to trim them back regularly so as not to jeopardize the stability of your exterior walls.

The Forged ClassicCut Vine Lopper can cleanly cut your branches and vines all year round. 

4. Test soil and maintain your garden

Having your soil tested will let you know the soil’s pH balance and if it’s lacking any nutrients. This is key information if you plan on treating your lawn. If your soil is compacted, you may need to aerate it.

If you plan on adding any trees, shrubs, or plants to your garden, investing in a good shovel is key.

5. Clean up landscaping

The key to maintaining your yard and garden is to keep everything neat and tidy. Use an edger or spade to clean up the edges around your flowerbeds, driveway, and walkway. Additionally, pay attention to weeds, the integrity of your walls and walkways, and the quality of your lawn.

If you don’t have an edger, a multipurpose steel spade will work well.