Why the MTN Chain Slider is the Most Efficient Cable Management System

Proper cable management is an important aspect of every successful production, especially with the growing complexity of modern productions emphasizing the “wow factor.” Mismanaged cables are never a good thing; it can cause tangling, which leads to damaged equipment. Additionally, it can create an unsafe work environment.

When using electric chain hoists for technical show moves, chain sliders are an easy, clean solution when managing cable systems. To make things even easier, we created our own revolutionary chain slider purposefully built with adaptability in mind.

MTN Chain Slider

The MTN CS is an ergonomically-designed chain slider for use with most brands of electric chain hoists, including the CM Lodestar and Prostar, which you can find on our website

While other chain hoist sliders are designed to work with only one size of, you can use one MTN Chain Slider on a variety of chains, giving you a true all-in-one solution.

Our focus when designing MTN gear is to provide our customers with the high-quality products that lasts. We strive for adaptable functionality without the premium cost for optimum accessibility.
- Marty Wesstrom, Mountain Productions’ Director of Global Rigging Sales

It is the interchangeable insert system that makes these chain slides so adaptable. We have three different inserts available so you can customize your chain slide to fit your needs, even if your chain size changes. MTN chain slider inserts are designed with standard chain sizes in mind for precise fitting. Additionally, the inserts are color coordinated for easy identification:

  • Body — 1.38in (34.93mm)
  • Yellow — 1.06in. (27mm)
  • Blue — 0.88in (22.23mm)
  • Red — 0.56in (14.3mm)

Efficient Cable Management: MTN CS

Both the chain slider and inserts are made from an incredibly durable low-friction HDPE material.

How to Use MTN Chain Sliders

The MTN CS is a no tools required solution for cable management and using them is easy.


The hoist chain fits inside the chain slider (use the insert appropriate for your chain size). Then, tie the chain slides to the hoist cable(s) spaced 4’ - 5’ apart (spacing varies depending the application). Cable anchors can be a variety of methods, including from zip ties, nylon strapping with a dog clip, quick link, or a carabiner.

When the hoist is operational, the sliders can rotate freely while stacking, resulting in coiled cables every time you rig.

The MTN Chain Slider is available as body only or as a complete kit with all three inserts. We also sell all three MTN CS inserts individually if you only need a specific size to go with your chain slider body.

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