Celebrate the Rigger in Your Life this New Year with new gear from MTN Shop

While a majority of Americans tend to not leave work very far behind them over the holidays, many of us try to get as much enjoyment out of the season as we can. And while we’re out celebrating, it’s easy to overlook that some people are hard at work. In fact, according to USA Today’s report from a few years ago, it’s more than a few: millions of Americans work major holidays at this time of year, including Christmas.   

Some of the industries that don’t stop for the holidays include law enforcement, healthcare, search and rescue personnel, emergency personnel such as firefighters, and utility personnel. Another hardworking group of men and women who work over the holidays who are often overlooked are riggers.

A Special Thanks to Riggers

Whether working in the industrial or entertainment sectors, riggers have a tough job. But as they say, somebody has got to do it. This week, we’re taking a look at the riggers who work hard during the holidays to make the magic happen for the rest of us.

Perhaps the unsung heroes of the entertainment industry, riggers are responsible for the construction and disassembly of some of the biggest holiday displays, stages, and venues.

This holiday season, Mountain crews have been busy taking part in almost 20 events providing staging, structures and rigging installations for various industries across the USA, such as New Year’s Eve in Times Square, Miami New Year’s Eve at Bayfront Park and Hershey First Night in Pennsylvania.

New Year. New Gear-Our Top Rigger Picks 

Do you have a rigger in your life?Our rigging experts have handpicked some of the top items that will surely bring delight to your favorite rigger this New Year.

Dirty Rigger Gloves

Dirty Rigger is among the top names for products related to the arts and entertainment industries. And when you’re looking for gloves that fit, well, like a glove, you won’t find a pair of better quality or value. Their full range of glove offerings make sure you can find the perfect fit regardless of your working situation.

For optimal comfort and protection across a number of industries, we recommend Dirty Rigger’s best-selling Comfort Fit Rigger Gloves. These synthetic leather gloves feature a fitted design that moves with your hands as you work. They are a perfect option for general rigging, loading, running cables, film/set/scenic work, and camera operation.

 Comfort Fit Rigger Gloves


To learn more about our full selection of Dirty Rigger gloves and to find your perfect fit, check out this post for more information.

Kask Helmets

Safety helmets are mandated protective products on the job—especially for riggers working at height. Tell your favorite rigger that you love them with a gift that protects one of their most important features: their heads.

The Kask Superplasma helmet is designed to protect the wearer with perfect ergonomic comfort. This high-density ABS plastic safety helmet features 10 aluminum-grilled air vents that offer efficient cooling and ventilation while keeping debris away with an anti-intrusion mesh grid finish.

For riggers working with electrical components, the Kask Zenith safety helmet has a Class E rating (protection from electrical hazards). The external shell is constructed of durable ABS plastic that is fitted with lamp clips, visor attachment points, and earmuff fittings for a truly custom helmet.


3M™ DBI-SALA® Exofit NEX™ Blackout Harness

Like safety helmets, harnesses are necessary for riggers working at height. 3M™ DBI-SALA® is a leading innovator in fall protection technology, and we recommend their Exofit NEX™ Blackout fall protection harness as the perfect solution for stage riggers. Its all black design features hybrid shoulder, back and leg comfort padding, stand-up Tech-Lite™ aluminum back D-Ring, equipment loops, and a number of other features that make it a comfortable solution for any rigger.



Additional Rigger Accessories:

Dirty Rigger Multi-Tool

Condense your rigger’s bag of tools with the Rigger’s Multi-Tool. This product gives you 14 tools in one, designed to meet the most common needs in the professional rigging industry.

PMI Riggers Bag

The proper storage and organization of a rigger’s gear is important no matter the job. The PMI Riggers Bag is a soft-sided carrying case with a jumbo main compartment and five specially-shaped external access pockets for gear. It’s perfect for separating your hardware from your harness with a special pocket for your helmet.



RUNNUR Universal Tablet Belt Clip

For riggers who need to carry and access a tablet during the work day, The RUNNUR Universal Tablet Belt Clip is the perfect solution. This tablet belt clip provides device access in one second and hands-free functionality while working with all standard device cases.



From our MTN family to yours, we want to wish everyone in the rigging industry a very Happy New Year! We appreciate your hard work and dedication year-round.