Ceep Connectors at MTN Shop

The CEEP group is made up of 3 privately owned brands, which are located in the UK, Spain, and France while distributing their products globally. Being on the market for over 50 years, Ceep Connectors is serving many industries, from entertainment, maritime or oil & gas to renewable energy or robotics and much more.

We at MTN Shop are not staying behind and are delighted to announce that we have extended our product range by Ceep Connectors’ products for the entertainment industry. From now on, you can find a full line of Ceep entertainment connectors for chain hoists, lighting, and audio at our MTN Shop website. We are pleased to be offering the Ceep products both in North American as well as the EU market. Keep reading to learn more about the Ceep products we are offering.

The 7 Pin Hoist Connector is a pop star in the entertainment industry. It is reliable and of high quality. With robust aluminium alloy shell, non-corrosive coating, waterproof protection, and gold-plated contacts, it has all you could ever wish for. On top of that, it is compatible with all leading brands. And what is even better - both, male straight plugs and female extenders, are available for you in 2 different sizes of the cable gland at MTN website. Don’t let them wait too long.

The 12 Pin Audio Connectors is great for audio connection and has also a lot to offer, from being manufactured with waterproof caps to having an adjustable cable gland or allowing to tighten and unfasten the backshells with ease. Some of them even come with rubber boot. Learn more about Audio Ceep Connectors here.

Speaking of protective caps, these can be purchased separately, are available in 3 different sizes (T20, T30, and T40) and compatible with all female or male Ceep connectors, depending on the type of the connector and the cap, of the respective size.

19 Pin Lighting Solder is of great quality too. Should it be adjustable cable entry or cable gland, extended backshell, waterproof cap, 6-hole breakout, or to be equipped with leading earth contacts what you need, we have you all covered. It should also come as no surprise that we offer regular and long male straight plugs and female extenders in 2 different sizes of the cable gland. There is also option of the long backshell with 6 holes, should you need one. Check our website to choose from the full product range.

Have you always wondered what that longish part number stands for and what it actually means? Today is your lucky day as you arrived at the right place! We are here to once and for all explain how it works. Let’s start with the basics. Since Ceep manufactures a number of different connectors, each connector has a specific number, the part number. The part number is made up of several different digits or letters, and each of them represents a certain value (has a different meaning). For example, the last digit in the part number tells you, which colour the product has. Similarly, the other digits and letters in the part number stand for other features of the product, such as gender of the product, cable clamp size, polarization, etc. Knowing what each value means and stands for makes it easier for you to understand if the specific product meets your needs and if you purchase the right one. Check the pictures below and compare the part numbers of the two products showed and see the difference.

Haven’t you read about a product you need? Visit our website to find more of Ceep products! Get in touch with us to make an order! Stay tuned and follow us on our social media so you don’t miss any news, updates OR promotions!